Monday, June 1, 2009

My Very First Not Me! Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by McMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

Well here goes my first ever try:

I most certainly did not steel borrow my mothers flip flops three days ago and never brought them back because they are here favorite ones and what type of daughter would do that!

I would never ever decide to let Zachary play in that water in the Kitchen sink so that I could clean his bedroom in peace because that would be wasting water and that is not very "green"!

I also did not wait way to long to check on Zachary not playing in the water only to find that he absolutely did not discover the sprayer, and that most everything in my kitchen was soaked! That would be very inconvenient!

I did not spend an hour cleaning up the water that does not exist! I also did not play completely dumb and concerned when later that night Keith opened a drawer in the kitchen only to find all of its contents under water because I didn't even think to look in the drawers! All because I didn't want the lecture on how I should have never let him play unsupervised in the water!

I also would never get down and hold the flashlight for him to crawl under the sink to make sure the pipes wasn't leaking, with a big smile on my face because I knew the pipes were fine! That would be deceitful!

On a lighter note his room looked great!


NanaKim said...

What a hoot! Good way to clean out drawers and under cabinets while wiping up the "water leak". I best look under my sink the little water monster was playing in my sink this afternoon. We best buy him a pool! And while you are cleaning up a sunami, maybe you will think about wearing my flip-flops off and leaving me with wedge flip-flops (nothing sacred) to break my neck. Keep posting, I love it and I pray you feel better when you get some rest. Love you, you sly fox! Nana

Micah said...

HAHAHAHA! Tyson is out little fish. And just so you know, we had to disconnect the water line from our sprayer for the same reason you had to do an underwater rescue of your silverware. So does he know about the "leak" yet? Oh! BTW, Buddy wrote alll over my kitchen cabinets and our kitchen table and the trash can and our counter tops with a black permanent marker today while I was feeding the Button. Thank heavens for magic eraser and A LOT of scrubbing. Daddy will not be hearing about that one either.

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