Tuesday, June 30, 2009


So, at the request of Micah I will tell you some funny stories about my sister Stacee. I have thought and thought of what the funniest things she has done might be, I even asked her but we have came to the conclusion that she is the funniest when she don't mean to be.

My little sister is a true blond through and through! I can assure you that she has no common sense whatsoever! Allow me to share some of her finner moments:

1. 9/11/01

We all know what happened on this day, in fact the whole world was glued to the news watching as the events unfolded. Everyone remembers where they were when the towers fell, now let me tell you how Stacee saw it:

She was still in high school at the time and the teacher had stopped class to watch the news.

Stacee (talking to her friends at school): How could that pilot not see that building setting there? He just drove right into it!

The second tower was hit

Stacee: OMG! That pilot just followed the other one right into the other building! Do these people not see the sky scrapers in NYC? They just keep driving into the buildings!

Later on in the day she went to lunch and noticed the flag was at half staff

Stacee: Who was it that put the flag up this morning? I wonder if they know they didn't put it up all the way!

2. One night when she was 17.

Growing up after we got our driving licence we had a curfew and there was youknowwhat to pay if we were late. So one night after being out with friends Stacee called my Mom and the conversation went something like this:

Stacee: Mama, I'm going to be late for my curfew because I am stuck at a red light.

Mama: What do you mean your STUCK? How do you get stuck at a red light?

Stacee: Well, I have been setting here forever! I have been through three songs on the radio and the stupid thing just keeps blinking red! It still hasn't turned.

Mama: So, your telling me you are stopped at a BLINKING red light? And that you have been there well over 5 minutes waiting on the BLINKING red light to turn green?

Stacee: Yeah, and it still hasn't turned, but as soon as it does I will be on my way I promise!

Mama: Stacee, I think it may be OK to run this one!

A couple of weeks ago

I had a conversation with her that went a little something like this:

Stacee: Hey did you see on the news that the Slim Jim plant exploded?

Me: Yeah I saw that, why do you ask?

Stacee: Well I was thinking, if Slim Jim's have an ingredient in them that can blow up a whole plant, do we really need to eat those things?

Me: No Stacee, I guess we shouldn't!

I digress!

So, those are some of Stacee's better moments. Hope you enjoyed, because as you can see my little sister is one big walking blond joke!

Sometimes I wonder...

But then you remind me!


Micah said...

I am honestly still laughing out loud at the second one... I knew you would have funny Stacee stories! I have to admit, I have had a few of those "Stacee Moments" myself. Maybe I should lighten the mood on my blog from the ADHD journalness and enlighten everyone on my honorary blondness.

NanaKim said...

Yes my Stacee has put me through the mill, I swear if she had been born first she would have been an only child, but in her defense, she is so pure, honest, happy, and full and I mean full of life. No one like her. She can laugh when the rest would be crying. Sometimes I wondered if she would make the night I was at a basketball game with my youngest Michele, got a call from her boyfriend's mother that said she was going to check on Stacee, you see Stacee had come home from work, it was dark (only about 8:00), she was deathly afraid of the dark so she was sitting in the driveway in her car scared out of her mind to go in the house. Now you tell me, if someone was here going to hurt you do you think sitting just outside the door in your car is safer? And of course Michele always had a dry sense of humor, when she was in the first grade her teacher called me at work at 2:30 and said: Michele has wet her pants, do you want me to hold her here for you to pick up or tie her jacket around her waist for her to ride the bus home? Well I chose for her to ride the bus since we only lived 1.3 miles from the school. When she got home from school she called me at work and said: Mommy I am so mad at my teacher, she called and told you I peed on myself and I did not! I just did not get to the bathroom in time! Entirely different scenerio in her eyes.
And then ask Miss Jennifer about the time we all went to Pigeon Forge for the weekend and when we got there she had not put her bag in the car!
Many stories in raise 3 beautiful young women, I have enjoyed every step of the way and I hope and pray God sees fit for them to have as much fun out of their precious children. God love them all because I sure do.

Micah said...

Well, then Miss Jennifer I think you must tell us the Pigeon Forge story. Your Mama has put you on the spot.

Holly said...

this post has(a) MADE MY DAY and (b) reminded me of all of the incredibly blonde moments i got to personally experience while working with miss stacee at jukebox. those were the days! kim, i have to agree that she is one the purest, most genuinely happy people i've ever met. please send her my best :)

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