Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Last night I read this post by my friend Jennifer and I just have to share it! It is too funny, and frankly a little disappointing because I was going to buy a new arm next week. Go check it out and let me know what you think of this!

P.S. Leave her some comment love if you will she is new to the whole Blog Community!

Monday, July 27, 2009

The Country vs. The City or Something Like That

Ever since I was in Middle School I have worked very hard at not seeming too country. You see I live in the country, the kind of place that you read about. Small Town USA where every one knows your name, and your business. Where wearing a bra with a tank top must be against some law that I haven't been informed of. Even though I lived in the country, when I was in Middle School I HATED it! I wanted to live in the City. New York City to be exact. I worked very hard, I taught myself not to say "ain't", "y'all", "yonder" or any of the other southern words that you can think of. I had a plan, I was going to move to New York with Brandi and we would be so happy! (We were going to open a salon next to Bloomingdale's and live on 5th avenue in a penthouse...did I mention we were in Middle School?) As I grew up and things change I started to appreciate my roots a little more, but still that longing to live in a city is still there. It seems there is a constant battle in my head between the country like this: (On Friday Nights from 7pm-10pm this is what is called "Pickin' in the Park" Its somewhat of a Bluegrass Festival for the locals)

And the city like somewhat like this:

(An annual festival in Asheville called Belle Chere)

Because in the country you get to have time to be still and get loved on by your baby

And spend a summer evening with your family listening to Bluegrass

And enjoy an ice cream cone in the heat of the dayAnd watch the locals "Clog"

I mean where else are you going to find people this age move like this?

Or see views like this on a daily basis?

So that is the country, but the city is great too. There is so much more to do, so many other people to meet, its a faster paced life, and the shopping. OH THE SHOPPING is about 54 different types of good. In Asheville, which is known for its uniqueness you will see a lot of this:

(Dreadlocks, so many different types of nasty I don't even have a number for it)

And every now and then you might even see a Superhero!

(The skinniest Spiderman to ever walk to planet. Soon after this picture the wind blew and he was swept away!)

Or see the "Statue People"

(This is "Statue Guy" he just stands there...all day...looking like a statue. Yup, just stands there all day, yup all day he stands there, never moves, yup)

So, you see, I don't really know that I like one more than the other one anymore. I think there is always a little piece of me that wonders what it will be like to live in the Big City, and have that kind of life. The other part of me is starting to settle into "Small Town USA" and realize that its not that bad. I still don't like the slang, and there are a few things that I may never like but all in all this is home.

I thought I'd leave you with a pic of what happens to little boys when they throw a fit, and want out of the stroller.

(He He He that will teach you, I bet next time you will want to stay in the stroller!)

(But I guess a Snow Cone with Nanny makes it all better)

Friday, July 24, 2009

The Plan

Have you ever had something happen to you that wasn't in your original plan, but when its over the outcome is better than what you had planed in the first place? Happens to me all the time, turns out I'm not so good of a planner.

I have been on this quest lately to read the Bible. I'm pretty darned determined to do it, which if you know me if I ever get determined to do something...well you know...come hell or high water it will be done. Its taking me a LONG time to do it though because I am taking my time, and making sure I really understand what God is telling me in his word. Because I think the determination to read His Word in the first place is God pushing me into a more personal relationship with Him. (You know except for all of the "begots" in the first of it Like Abraham laid with Eve and she begot Cain and Able...its just too much for me)

While I was reading there was this one story that really spoke to me and what is going on in my life right now that I really feel God calling me to share. It is the story of Joseph. First a little background:

Joseph was his father's favorite son. He had older brothers that hated him because he was the favorite so they planned to kill him. They took him out and decided to sell him to slavery instead of killing him, so they sold him to the Egyptians as a slave. Years passed and Joseph found favor with his master, and he put Joseph in charge of all of the other slaves because he could trust him. Soon the masters wife tries to get Joseph to sleep with her and he runs away. She lies and tells her husband (Josephs master) that he raped her and Joseph was put in jail. In jail he found favor with the guards and was placed in charge of all the prisoners. While in jail there was two other prisoners that asked Joseph to read their dreams. He did and what he predicted came true. He had asked them as payment for reading their dreams that they remember him when they get out of prison and ask the master to set him free. They forgot him. Fourteen years passed and the master talked of a dream he had, then the other prisoner remembered Joseph. They brought him out of prison to read the dream. The dream meant that Egypt would have seven years of great harvest, and seven years of famine like never before seen in the land. He suggested that during the seven years of great harvest they save food, so they will have enough for the famine. The master was so pleased he made Joseph one of the rulers of Egypt, also in charge of saving the food, and passing it out during the famine. Well a really long story short (OK not so short) he reconnected with his father and his brothers because of the famine and brought them to live with him in the palace. Soon his father dies, and his brothers are afraid that he will kill them because of what they have done to him.....(and here is where is gets good)

When they told Joseph their fears he says (This is not word for word)
"My brothers, don't you see? Because of your actions I have been able to save many people. What you meant to do out of evil, God has brought good."

Joseph's situation went from bad, badder, to worse. There was one phrase during this entire story that I kept reading that just popped off the page at me "God was with Jacob" Because God had a plan for Joseph a nation was saved.

I don't know who may be reading this, I don't know where your hearts are tonight, I don't know what your going through, but I do know that God has a plan for YOU.

Now, I'm not saying that you are going to go out there and save a nation (but you could, who knows!) but I guess this entire, really long (so sorry about that), post is to say that even though you may be going through a hard time, maybe you have been disappointed about something, maybe your whole world is in shambles at the moment, just know this:

1. GOD is with you
2. God has a plan for your life.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Now, Thats A HorseTooth Of A Diffrent Color!

A few weeks ago Zachary fell off our couch and busted his lips. All four of his top four teeth went through his bottom lip, and two of the bottom teeth went through the top. It was a mess. He, however, took it like a champ! He hardly even cried! (Now me, we wont even talk about that thankyouverymuch!)

Well he walked around with a fat lip for a few days and it was soon forgotten. Until Saturday when I went to pick him up from my Mom's she pointed out that his front top tooth was turning grey.

Oh Great!

I called my friend Brandi to see if she had any words of wisdom for me and her first words were "Google It". Because that has worked so well for my psyche before! Thanks alot Brandi! Geesh!

So, I called the dentist and made an appointment for today to get it checked out. Because to be honest I couldn't resist the Google temptation, and it ended up like the last time I Googled something, I completely freaked out handled myself like the mature adult that I am. :)

We made it to the dentist office and Zach immediately decided that this was the happiest place on earth! He jumped around merrily, played with new friends, looked at the fish tank, played video games, and just had a great time until they called us back.....then I woke up!

He covered his mouth with his hands, and cried from the minute we walked in the door, until the minute we walked out of the door! So much for trying to make going to the dentist a "fun" experience! Which just so you know I think using dentist, and fun in the same sentence is classified as an oxymoron!

He wanted nothing to do with Mr. Dentist Man, and to be frank I don't blame him the guy looked like he drinks formaldehyde for breakfast!

Which may be great when Zach wants to take his great-grandchildren to the dentist that he went to as a kid.

Anywhoo, turns out the tooth is just bruised and it should go back to normal in 6-12 months!

Who knew it took so long for a tooth to get better?

Certainly not Dr. Google that's for sure!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Were Movin' On Up In The World!

I hate to grocery shop. Period. I hate it with every ounce of my being. I hate the extra money I spend on things to keep Zach quite while we are in there, the mean looks I get when those things have lost their luster and he gets noisy anyways. I hate that he gets mad the moment we walk in because I wont let him ride in the shopping cart with the car on it because there are other Moms with more than one child that need it more. I just hate the whole experience.

So a few weeks ago I had to do the dreaded. I had put it off to the point the only chances for dinner we were going to have that night was saltines with grape jelly, or pretzels with mustard if I didn't go. Anyhow, I got me and the baby ready and we went to the store. We done the usual fight over the car-cart (For the love of Pete! Does that confounded thing really have to be setting RIGHT in front of the confounded door every single confounded time I walk in this confounded place?) And then....all was well with the world as I know it!

When I walked in this bright beam of light (which I believe to be straight from heaven above) shown down and the angelic choir from heaven sang...sitting right in front of me was my oasis! STARBUCKS!!!! I done a fat happy dance right there in the front of Ingles!

This just makes everything better! Go ahead and charge me too much for my household items, let Zach scream until he is blue in the face, give me those evil looks that would burn a hole through steel! I have my Starbucks Double Shot and I don't care! All is right in the world!

I no longer hate to go get groceries, in fact I am already planning my trip back, because you know, we need groceries or whatever!

Canton is really moving up in the world.

Monday, July 13, 2009


Tomorrow is my best friend Brandi's birthday! I wont tell you how old she is today because I value our friendship:) We have been friends for 15 (yikes!) years and have been through a lot together so in celebration of her birthday I thought I would share some of our history together.

When I was in fourth grade my family moved across town which meant I had to go to a new school. Thankfully my friend "old friend" since kindergarten just happened to be moving to the same school. We were so excited to find out that we were going to be in the same class together, so we would at least know each other. Old friend and I started the new school together and it went really well. A little into the school year old friend started to make new friends, and I was not happy! I was so jealous. There was this one girl that kept getting into the picture. This little skinny blond girl. I decided immediately decided that I didn't like her (completely mature on my part, I know). This went on for weeks, and the more this little girl tried to be my friend the more certain I was that she was going to have to be destroyed. Then I got my chance.

One day at recess we were all outside playing basketball. Brandi went in for a lay-up, and I went in for the kill. As she was going to the basket I pushed as hard as I could blocked her and KER PLUNK!! She fell in a huge puddle of mud. She was covered from head to toe in wet, sticky, and might I add stinky, mud! The teacher made me go help her clean up and we haven't looked back since!

We were inseparable from that point on. Years passed and after dating every loser Pisgah High School had to offer we graduated. Brandi married in July, and had my first God Child Lily in October of 2001. I continued to date losers, just a higher class of losers.

Lily was really the first experience with a baby that I have ever had. I think we all learned together on that one. About a year later Brandi's husband joins the Army. He goes away to basic, and we spent the entire summer together. He finished basic and soon learns that they are going to be stationed at Ft. TACOMA, WA!!! I was crushed! I tried to play strong for a little while, then ended up at her house at midnight and we are both crying our eyes out! We just set at her house and cried together which if you know me at all you know what an event this is because I don't cry...ever!
They move across country, and tragedy happens. Our good friend Tyler who had been our friend since Middle School dies in March 2003 at the tender age of 20. I still miss him to this day.

After a few months in Washington Brandi learns that she is pregnant with my second God Child Andrew. They also learn that her husband will be leaving for Iraq soon. Her husband leaves to go to Iraq, Brandi is pregnant and alone, and I go to Washington to visit. Andrew is born in April 2004 and I continue to date losers.About a year later her husband comes home from Iraq and they move to Alabama to a fish farm. I met Keith and finally break my losing streak. They spent a few months in Alabama, and FINALLY decided to come home!

Soon after they come home Brandi learns she is pregnant with my third God child. Abby is born in April 2006 and I learn that I am pregnant with her first God child Zach is born in November 2006.

They move into a cute little house in Canton, and I move into the house I have now. A couple of years pass and Brandi learns she is pregnant with my fourth God Child. Michael is born in March 2008.

A few months later they have to move to Pennsylvania. I am crushed again.

So that is our history in a nutshell. Really it is the tip of a very large ice burg, of memories that I have with Brandi. We have been through Middle School, High School, Cosmetology School, births, deaths, sickness, miles, and much more together. There is no way to share all the memories we have together because A) there is to much to write about, B) some are better left UN told like when we wanted to be blood sisters but was to scared to prick our fingers so we spit in our hands and shook hands! Looking back at that now it makes me want to gag, and I wonder what in the hell we were thinking, but I wouldn't change a thing because its just one of those memories I have with her. She has been there for me every single time that I needed her the most, and I for her. You know I don't have a single childhood/middle school/high school/ adult memory that doesn't involve her in some way. I just hope that our "golden" years are the same way!


You are just as much of a sister to me as Stacee and Michele are. We have been through so much together, and we are just a strong today as we were the day I pushed you in the mud! I have loved every minute of this journey God has chosen for us to walk together, and I am so glad that he chose you to be in my life. I am so sorry that I can't be there to actually give you something for your birthday, but I hope you enjoyed this little trip down memory lane! I love you!

Monday, July 6, 2009

I'm Off To Clean The House....I Think

I think that I have ADD when it comes to cleaning my house. It has taken me the live long day to clean a (small) 3 bedroom 1 bath house. I was setting here thinking earlier today why on earth it has took me all day to do a job that should have been an hour or two at most. I started to re-think my day and this is what I have come up with:

1) Woke up at 8:30 and decided that I needed to clean the house today, because well it was starting to bark at me.

2) Keith left for work at 10:00 and it was time to get started, I decided to start with the breakfast dishes. Thought to myself "I think there is some cups in our room, I better go get those"

3) Walked to bedroom and totally got distracted by the un-made bed. While making the bed I saw some clothes in the floor and decided to take them to the laundry room.

4) On the way to the laundry room I noticed Zachary's room and OH DEAR JESUS! I think that is where the barking came from! Well this will never do so I went to go clean his room. While cleaning his room I saw a remote that has been MIA for two days and needed to take that to the living room before I forgot.

5) Got to the living room and set the remote on the coffee table (does anyone know why they are called that because nothing about a coffee table says coffee to me) and noticed that it could use a good dusting! The dusting spray is in the laundry room.

6) You have to go through the kitchen to get to the laundry room, while walking across the kitchen I my Bible Study that I am working on before I go to bed at night, if that is not on my nightstand I will never remember to do it, I better take that to my bedroom before I forget.

7) Walked by Zachary's room and it growled at me. Continued to clean his room, and FINISHED!!! If anyone is keeping count that is 4 started projects and 1 complete. I needed to take that book to the nightstand.

8) Got the book to the night stand, and finished making my bed, actually I finished my room!

Well the WHOLE STINKIN' day went on and on and on and on like this until finally at 6:00 this evening the house was finished! No wonder it took me all day!

What is your weird cleaning quirks?

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Birthday!

By now all of you have herd me talk read me write about my sister Michele having my first niece. Well although she was not due until July 23 Sweet Aubree Lynn (after her Aunt Jennie) decided to make today her birthday! She arrived around 1pm central time weighing in at 6 pounds and 6 ounces and 19 inches long! Mommy and baby are doing well! So, please let me introduce you to my niece Aubree Lynn Floyd! Happy Birthday Sweet Baby Girl!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I Have Been Called Out!

Well it seems to me that my Mama is going to have to quit reading my blog if she is going to have to call out her own daughter in the comments!

Mama I mean really is nothing sacred anymore?

While I'm at it Mrs. Silver I want to call you out as well, you said that you have had some blond moments yourself and since I am doing what you asked, I want to hear some of your blond moments Missy!

If you read the comments on my last post you have seen that my Mother seen it necessary to share a certain trip from my past. A trip that to this day will give me an anxiety attack when it comes time to pack to go on vacation! So at the request of Micah, and because I am here to please I will share this story with y'all! (Well that and because I posted about it earlier this year so I don't have to type it all again)

So without further ado here is my vacation from hell vacation story!

Originally Posted Feb. 4, 2009

Going On Vacation!
For Christmas this year Keith and Zachary got me a weekend at my favorite cabins in Gatlinberg. They are called Oakhaven Resort and they are BEAUTIFUL! I always have so much fun when we go, and to tell you the truth I need the vacation. You can click here to look at the cabin that we are going to stay in.

Its just the day before leaving that stresses me out. Just because 1) I hate to wait on ANYTHING so it seems like the day before we go is the longest day in history! 2) Packing gives me anxiety.

You may think that second thing is silly but like always there is a story that goes with that. :)

When I was in the 8th grade my Grandmother(my Moms Mother) passed away, so for a few years after her passing my Moms family would go on vacation together around the anniversary of her passing. I think it was a way to just get away and try to make good memories that out stood over the bad one. Anyways, we went to Gatlinberg most of the time. Well there was this one year that we were going (I think that I was in the 10th grade by this time) that is the reason for my packing anxiety.

I had spent the night before putting great effort into choosing the outfits that I was going to wear for the weekend. As any lady will tell you at 15 years old outfits are of great importance! I picked them out put them in my overnight bag ever so carefully so that they wouldn't wrinkle in the bag and then laid my bag with the other bags and went to bed.

So the next morning we left for Gatlinberg. I slept most of the way because cars make me sleepy. It is only about a two hour drive so when we got there we went to check in and unload the luggage. Everyone's bag was there except mine!!

I had forgot it at home!! This was terrible!


I mean not even a clean pair of panties!

My wonderful Mother thought this would be a good time to teach me a lesson on responsibility and would not buy me a new outfit to wear while we were there.

She did, however, get me some clean panties to wear!

This might of been OK if I had not wore my PJ's for the ride. So instead of wearing the cute outfits that I had taken so much time to correlate, I was stuck for the weekend wearing my PJ's all over Gatlinberg!

So that is why packing gives me anxiety! And now not only do I have to pack for me, I also have to make sure that Zach has everything that he needs, and also that I BRING it with us!

I have started to pack, but I think I have went back 4 times already to look over it again and I have set it where I won't forget to take the bags with us. I have placed them in front of the car seat right at the door so that I don't forget them. I have done this on every vacation I have ever went on since that one. Not that I think I would EVER do that again, but the trauma of that weekend has gave me packing anxiety!
So please remember to pray for me tomorrow to make sure that all goes well with our vacation. Also that I remember to take the bags! LOL


So there it is the worst vacation of my life! And just so you know Mama I think my one of my post coming up soon will be the story of how your car ended up looking like this! :)