Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Now, Thats A HorseTooth Of A Diffrent Color!

A few weeks ago Zachary fell off our couch and busted his lips. All four of his top four teeth went through his bottom lip, and two of the bottom teeth went through the top. It was a mess. He, however, took it like a champ! He hardly even cried! (Now me, we wont even talk about that thankyouverymuch!)

Well he walked around with a fat lip for a few days and it was soon forgotten. Until Saturday when I went to pick him up from my Mom's she pointed out that his front top tooth was turning grey.

Oh Great!

I called my friend Brandi to see if she had any words of wisdom for me and her first words were "Google It". Because that has worked so well for my psyche before! Thanks alot Brandi! Geesh!

So, I called the dentist and made an appointment for today to get it checked out. Because to be honest I couldn't resist the Google temptation, and it ended up like the last time I Googled something, I completely freaked out handled myself like the mature adult that I am. :)

We made it to the dentist office and Zach immediately decided that this was the happiest place on earth! He jumped around merrily, played with new friends, looked at the fish tank, played video games, and just had a great time until they called us back.....then I woke up!

He covered his mouth with his hands, and cried from the minute we walked in the door, until the minute we walked out of the door! So much for trying to make going to the dentist a "fun" experience! Which just so you know I think using dentist, and fun in the same sentence is classified as an oxymoron!

He wanted nothing to do with Mr. Dentist Man, and to be frank I don't blame him the guy looked like he drinks formaldehyde for breakfast!

Which may be great when Zach wants to take his great-grandchildren to the dentist that he went to as a kid.

Anywhoo, turns out the tooth is just bruised and it should go back to normal in 6-12 months!

Who knew it took so long for a tooth to get better?

Certainly not Dr. Google that's for sure!


Orions Mom said...

Jennie when my son was 2 the same thing happened to him, his front tooth turned grey and never went back. We got it bonded so that the kids in pre-school would stop picking on him and eventually ended up getting it pulled when he was in kindergarten. His adult tooth grew in yellow and bruised as well and that will need to be bonded once we get through braces. If you have a pediatric dentist in your area I would recommend you try going to them instead of an everyday general dentist. Good luck

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