Wednesday, December 31, 2008

It A New Year!

I really like New Years. I enjoy the thought of a new start, that you can start all over on some things if you want. Here are some of my New Year Resolutions, What are yours?

1. To be a good Mommy
2. To graduate school in July and pass my boards
3. To be more responsible with my money (I would like to become a tightwad!)
4. To continue improving my relationship with Christ.

That is all that I can think of right now, I'm sure there is more but those are the ones that I want to work on the most this year.

So write me back and tell me if there is anything that you want to work on in the New Year! I think its interesting to hear other ideas!
Talk to you soon

Friday, December 19, 2008

Push Me!

Last night I was trying to teach Zachary how to ride a tricycle that he got for his birthday. This did not got to well at all. I would set him on it and take his little legs, and move them for him and say push push with each turn of his legs.

Well he got mad at it after a while and got off of it and went to play with something else, so I went to go do something else too. In a few minutes I herd:

Mooooooooooommmmmmmmmy, PUSH!

I stopped to look and he was sitting on the trike and waiting on me to do it for him! Of course I thought that this was the cutest thing ever, so I went through the entire spill again trying to see some little shimmer of Independence and understanding in his eyes, but it never happened! I ended up pushing him around the house for the next 30 minutes and I called everyone that I thought would enjoy a quick laugh.

I wonder where he gets that little stubborn attitude from.....hmmm.

Fast Forward to 6:30 this morning during my commute to work, on time this time, and it hits me!

How many times have we done that with God? How many times have we turned to him and said "Do it for me"? Instead of "Show me the Way"?

I for one am very guilty of this! I will admit, because were all friends here, that I have actually bargained with God before. (He never seems to like my end of the bargain though)

I have said "God if you will do this for me, then I will......) but that is not how he works! He can set us on the trike and show us how to do it all day long, waiting for that little glimpse of understanding in our eyes, but he will not do it for us forever!!

Is it not funny what kind of life lessons that you can learn from a 2 year old?

As we grow up we learn to do things for ourselves, we learn to drive, date, get married, and raise our children so if we are so independent then why is it that we want God to do all the "Heavy lifting" for us?

We are still working on the trike thing, you know Rome wasn't built in a day they tell me! The good thing is I am willing to wait on him until just one day he seems to understand it, just like God is willing to wait on us to understand!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I just read a saying from the latest post of my favorite blog and it says:

There are only two ways to live your life
one is as though nothing is a miracle
the other is as though everything is a miracle

She ends the blog to say How do you live yours?


How do I live mine? Lets see, I get up and go to either work or school, grumbling all the way because I have had to leave my baby again, and because I have not had my normal infusion of caffeine for the day.

I get to either work or school, do what I need to do to get the day done, I go get the baby, try to figure out what is for supper, go home, fight the baby about bedtime, and then I crash, go to bed and start the circle all over again.

So now I ask you:

Where is God in this circle? That's simple NOWHERE!!

I have come to the revelation that there will be no miracles without God, so how are you supposed to live your life like everything is a miracle if you push God out so that he can't do his job?

I have become closer to God in the past few months a large part of that is because of the blog that I mentioned earlier.

If you have not already herd me rave about Angie Smith and her blog click here and read her story. This woman has 3 little girls and was pregnant with her fourth little girl when they found out that she had several problems that made her "incompatible with life" and she would not survive outside the womb. Angie and her husband decided to carry the baby to term anyways, and in her blog she talks about the journey, and her relationship with God. Her relationship was so strong through the entire ordeal, and her faith is something to be admired. It moved me because if this woman can maintain her faith after such an ordeal why can't I maintain mine?

From that point on I started a new relationship with God.

Is it perfect?


Am I where I need to be?


Do I know that I could do better in my service?


So that is what I am going to do. I am going to work on my relationship with God. I consider myself to be a good person, a good friend, a good mother, a good daughter, sister, now we will add a good christian to that list. Wish me luck!

Monday, December 15, 2008

A Thunder Storm In Heaven?

Well I thought that might get someones attention (Hi Mama)!

Did you know that there has been a Thunderstorm in Heaven for the past week? Its true! Ok so its not true, and no I don't think that it storms in heaven but here is why I said that.

Has anyone seen the movie Bruce Almighty? If not stop reading now and go rent it and watch it, very good movie! Anyways, there is a part in the movie where Jim Carey is getting so many prayer request at one time there is this constant roar in his head...

Just like when there is a thunderstorm.

I have prayed and prayed relentlessly for the past week, to the point that there has to be a constant roar in Gods head...

Like a Thunderstorm.

Now for those of you who know me bugging someone and not shutting up until I get my way is not like me at all now is it? (I see my best friend Brandi rolling her eyes at that comment!)

God has been listening... I got another call today from the Developmental Center that is close to where I live and I told her what the Man from the Hospital said to me and she said that from the records that were faxed over that she had no reason to think that there was a problem.

(Thank-You God)

She told me that because of Insurance that he would have to be seen because of the referral, but she saw no reason for concern when she was looking over his history. So the lady is going to come meet us on Wed. and then he will have the screening on Jan. 9 and with any luck she thinks after that visit she can discharge him from their services and we will never have to go through this mess again!

I blame standardized testing, one question on a piece of paper will not apply to two different children the same way!!

After I got that news I felt clean! Its really hard to explain, I have been going through this a hundred times in my head thinking did I answer one of the questions wrong on the little paper, did I mention something at the visit that was misunderstood that gave the Dr. the wrong idea, or worse, is there something wrong that I was blowing off because I didn't want to see it? So after this call I felt like I was clean and refreshed from the worry and ready to start again...

Just like after a thunderstorm.

Please continue to pray with me, I do not consider us out of the woods until it is on paper, and I think that heaven can handle a beautiful thunderstorm once in a while.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Its Been A Hard Week!

This week has not been one of the best weeks that I have ever had. My son Zachary had his 2 year check up on Wed. and the Dr. was concerned that he was not talking like he should be for his age.

Ok lets take a side step here and let me clarify something...he DOES talk, and he talks well and he uses his word correctly...he just does not put them into sentences.
The Dr. wanted to send him to a developmental center to get re-evaluated to make just to cover all of the bases. I thought this was OK the understanding was that we would schedule it for a month or two out so that if he starts talking better then we could cancel the appointment. (Let me take a break here just to say that I am not let me say this again...NOT one of those parents that freak out easily. Actually I think that I am pretty calm, so keep that in mind as I go on to finish the story.)

I was OK with this idea thinking that his Daddy and I would work a little harder with him and really push him to use his words and we wouldn't even need this silly appointment.

I already had that appointment canceled in my head, we WOULD NOT need it!

So on Friday on my mad dash to work, since I am supposed to wake up at 5:30 and I got a call at 7:30 wondering if I had plans to come into work today

(Dear Lord, Thank you for letting my job find humor in the fact that I am a complete air head....Amen.)

The Developmental Center in my area called and started asking me questions about his behavior and what a typical day was like for him, after I answers the Lady's questions she said that he needed to be seen sooner rather than later and she would call me back with the details.

I tried to ask her some questions but when you are going about 90 down the interstate, and worried about what you are going to say when you get to work about being late, and are you in trouble, and what do they think is going on with your baby a question is the last thing on your mind:)

I get to work the day is busy but not a bad day. I get another call from the developmental center that is associated to the hospital where I work that pretty much was the same set of questions, but this time the man was urging that I get Zach into see them this week and that we need to start working with him now because he is showing traits of Autism!!! I felt the man rip my heart out and step on it.

No mother wants to think that there is something wrong with her child. I know that My Lord knows what he is doing and if this is the path that he chooses for me I will travel it the best way that I know how. But I also belive that My Lord workd in mysterous ways and I know that he has control of what will happen at this screening and it is in his hands. What I am asking is for you to pray that this is not my path. I would love to go to this appointment and come out thinking that Ishould have followed my instinct and canceled that appointment.

Please Pray!

Monday, December 8, 2008

The Beginning

Thanks for joining my journey. I have never done anything like this before I never really thought I was really that interesting, but I thought that I would give it a try. My name is Jennie Lynn Newland I am a mother to a beautiful two year old little boy Zachary and I am in my last few semesters in Nursing School. With any luck I will be a RN in July so please pray for me that it all works. I think that this may be the hardest thing that I have ever went through, not that the school part is the worst (don't worry it is VERY hard) but its the time away from my family, that makes it the worst. I will be sharing my school stories, my work stories, and most important my Zach stories. I really hope to find some new friends on here, and get to know some people that maybe are going through some of the same things. I think that is all for now, We will see where this leads!

Monday, December 1, 2008

About Me

Welcome! So glad you could be here to join me in this thing we call life.

My name is Jennie. I live in beautiful Western North Carolina with the love of my life and my son.

I started this blog in December of 2008 because Doctors thought my son Zachary had Autism. It was a terrifying time for us, and I wanted to reach out to find other Mothers who were experiencing the same thing. As time passed the Doctors decided that Zachary did not have Autism and we couldn't have been happier. He is a little OCD (Obsessive Compulsive) but compared to the alternative we can handle that.

We went from almost no communication a year ago to talking your ear off now. He has moved from grunting to full sentences. Things for him have always had to be on his time. He was 2 weeks past his due date, almost 13 months before he ever cut his first tooth, and almost 16 months before he decided he wanted to walk. But when he decides he wants to do something, he masters it.

He loves trains, trucks, tractors and anything "John Deere". He is the light of our lives and I love that little boy more than I can explain here.

I have been with the love of my life Keith for almost 7 years now, and I love him as much today as I did the day I met him. He is a kind, caring, beautiful person and I am so glad that God chose him to be my partner in life.

As for me, well my story is still a work in progress. I am a sinner saved by the grace of a Father that loves me more than I deserve. I am still renewing my relationship with him, a process that I hope will take me the rest of my life.

So, pour you a cup of coffee, cuddle up and get comfy and enjoy my Everyday *Mis* Adventures as I learn to live life with a Toddler.