Monday, December 15, 2008

A Thunder Storm In Heaven?

Well I thought that might get someones attention (Hi Mama)!

Did you know that there has been a Thunderstorm in Heaven for the past week? Its true! Ok so its not true, and no I don't think that it storms in heaven but here is why I said that.

Has anyone seen the movie Bruce Almighty? If not stop reading now and go rent it and watch it, very good movie! Anyways, there is a part in the movie where Jim Carey is getting so many prayer request at one time there is this constant roar in his head...

Just like when there is a thunderstorm.

I have prayed and prayed relentlessly for the past week, to the point that there has to be a constant roar in Gods head...

Like a Thunderstorm.

Now for those of you who know me bugging someone and not shutting up until I get my way is not like me at all now is it? (I see my best friend Brandi rolling her eyes at that comment!)

God has been listening... I got another call today from the Developmental Center that is close to where I live and I told her what the Man from the Hospital said to me and she said that from the records that were faxed over that she had no reason to think that there was a problem.

(Thank-You God)

She told me that because of Insurance that he would have to be seen because of the referral, but she saw no reason for concern when she was looking over his history. So the lady is going to come meet us on Wed. and then he will have the screening on Jan. 9 and with any luck she thinks after that visit she can discharge him from their services and we will never have to go through this mess again!

I blame standardized testing, one question on a piece of paper will not apply to two different children the same way!!

After I got that news I felt clean! Its really hard to explain, I have been going through this a hundred times in my head thinking did I answer one of the questions wrong on the little paper, did I mention something at the visit that was misunderstood that gave the Dr. the wrong idea, or worse, is there something wrong that I was blowing off because I didn't want to see it? So after this call I felt like I was clean and refreshed from the worry and ready to start again...

Just like after a thunderstorm.

Please continue to pray with me, I do not consider us out of the woods until it is on paper, and I think that heaven can handle a beautiful thunderstorm once in a while.


NanaKim said...

Thunder Storm in Heaven is a understandment, I pray so much for my babies and grandbabies it is a Earthquake in Heaven. Zach is lucky to have a mother that is taking time to make sure he is doing fine. He is perfect in everyway. God has it all in His hands.
I love you and Zach so much,
Love forever and a day!

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