Friday, February 27, 2009

What I Learned This Week #3

Its that time again. Finding lessons in everyday life. To tell you the truth I never knew so many lessons were there until I started this, and REALLY looked for them. I know it is not Wed. like I wanted it to be but it has been a busy week and I'm just getting around to it, I'll do better next week I hope.

What I learned this week:

1. I learned that When you really give your problems to the Lord, they seem to work out. (Imagine that!). As I said in my last post my family was going through something that I didn't really know how it was going to end up. I handed it to the Lord (For a control freak like me that was NOT easy) and everything turned out just fine. Crisis Avoided.

2. I learned that Zach is going to have to start daycare/preschool on Monday. (Again..control freak...not easy!) Please pray that this will be an easy transition for us. Many of you know that Zach is OCD and does not handle change very well...OK not at all....and this is a big step for him/us, we will need some prayers here people.

3. I learned that a child can be the sickest that you have ever seen him, 104.2 temp not even able to get off the couch, and then wake up the next morning like nothing was ever wrong in the first place! I am still baffled on that one!

4. I learned that I need to fire my housekeeper! I walked into the house yesterday and the floor was not swept, the carpet could stand to be vacuumed, and there were dishes in the sink! I mean really an ape could do better than this! I am going to have to let her go....Oh wait I'm the housekeeper, and my house always looks like that! :) Oh-Well guess I'll have to fire myself and hire a professional.

5. I learned that Coco Pebbles when allowed to dry on a plastic Thomas the Train Table are like little pieces of cement! You almost have to chisel those buggers off!

6. I learned that you can miss kids that aren't yours like crazy! I have 4 God-Children that moved away and I miss them like crazy! (Especially because 3 of them have birthdays coming up! I love you Lily, Andrew, Abby, and Michael!)

That is all that I have for this week. Tell me what you have learned this week!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

The Boy and the Band-Aid

As kids we think that Band-Aids can heal everything. Especially the ones that have the medicine in them! Seriously you can have road rash from hip-to-ankle and put a Band-Aid on it and all of a sudden it feels better (until it comes time to take it off).

Today after a terrible day at work me and little bit come home and he is playing with his trucks. He comes running to me saying "fix it", "owie" showing me his little fingers. The fingers in question had neither an owie, or were in need of being "fixed" he has just discovered the Band-Aids.

But when I put the Band-Aid on his little fingers all of his problems were solved, and he would happily run down the hall to make another fake "owie".

It made me think... Wouldn't it be nice if it were like that in real life? To put a Band-Aid on that bill you can't pay, the lost loves, the lost jobs, all the hurt! Could you imagine? I was thinking of this when I logged onto Twitter and I saw this post from a good friend:

James 1:2 Consider it pure Joy my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds.

This made me think. For those of you from the What To Expect site that I do not know personally may not know that my family and I have been through a lot the past week and we really didn't know what our future was going to hold. We were to find out today. Now do you think it is a coincidence that my friend led me to this verse TODAY!!??

I think not!

This reminded me of what I have known all along..God is the Band-Aid that heals the hurt in our lives! Please pray for me and my family we still don't know how this is going to end up, just pray that we find strength in the knowledge that it is Gods will.

P.S. The good friend is Pete Wilson pastor of Cross Point Baptist Church is Nashville, TN. and he is GREAT! Go check him out.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What I Learned This Week Wednesday #2

It's that time of week again! Its time for us all to share what we have learned this week! Now that I am paying attention to the little lessons that are hidden in everyday life I can see that there are a lot of lessons in life! So here we go:

What I learned this week is:

1. I learned that I am going to have my first niece!!! My sister is going to be having a baby girl in July/August! I have also learned an answer to a hard question to answer. "Is this her first baby?" I have been asked a lot, and the truth is no its not her first baby. She had one miscarriage and one little boy (Ty James) that we did not get to keep here on earth. I know that this should not be a hard question, but I don't really feel like it is my place to tell strangers her story, but I also feel that if I don't tell it then I am not honoring Ty. But I have found the perfect answer to that. "Yes it is her first child--on this side of eternity". That is quick and to the point, and it honors Ty as well.

2. I learned of this website called you can access it by clicking here. What they do is SOLID GOLD! You can go here and put in your sizes, what you like, and what stores you like and they will e-mail you every Tuesday and Friday with what is on sale that fits your criteria! The best part is its FREE! So how great is it to have sale items e-mailed to you in your size for free! I love it and strongly recommend it. They also do children's sizes!

3. I learned that true friendship will stand the test of mileage! My best friend Brandi had to move away, and has not got a phone yet but that has not stopped us from keeping in touch. Me and this girl have been through a lot and our friendship has stood the test of time. We are as close now as we were 15 years ago. (Sorry Brandi I just told our age) and thanks to Yahoo Messenger we always will be! I will have to tell you all how we met, but that is a whole other post all by itself!

4. I learned that stupid decisions, although in the name of fashion, are still stupid decisions! On Valentines Day Keith took me out to eat at "our" restaurant. From where we park to where we eat is about a 1/2 mile walk. On a normal day this is the best part of the experience! What could be better that walking down the street, window shopping, on the arm of the love of your life? Well on this day I wore stilettos! Yes stupid decision! My feet hurt so badly I was tempted to ask Keith to carry me the rest of the way! But since I didn't want to ruin my perfect evening by being laughed at I toughed it out. I woke up the next morning with quarter size blisters on the bottom of my feet! Lesson Learned.

5. I learned that a shrilling 2 year old is one of the loudest things on earth! I seriously think that it may be louder than a bomb going off!

6. I learned how to schedule your day in a day planner. Also that studies show if you will write down even the most mundane of things (i.e. wash dishes, fold laundry) that it is 75% more likely to be accomplished. I have tried this for 3 days and so far it really works well. I will let you know on this.

7. I learned that I know absolutely nothing about the Respiratory System and I am 100% OK with that!

So that is all that I have for this week, don't forget to post what you learned this week! Talk to you soon.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Baby Be Blessed

You may notice the new button on my sidebar. It is from Baby Be Blessed Dolls. What these two women do is amazing!

OK, so I have to admit I am madly in love with these sweet dolls. Let me introduce you to "Baby Be Blessed," an amazing company(by company I mean 2 friends) that makes customized dolls for your child!! You pick the material, hair color etc, and the BEST part is that you choose a personal scripture for your child that is printed on the dolls tummy. I think these are some of the cutest toys on the planet.

Can you think of any sweeter present to give a child than Gods Word? Well I CAN'T! I am getting one of these for my sister that will be having her first baby in July/August. I wanted to share this with you all because I know that a lot of you are here from the "What to Expect" website which means that you are Mothers (or about to be one).

Please click on the button on my sidebar and it will take you to their website where you can get more information on the dolls, I will send you pictures of my sisters doll when I get it. (It takes a while because they are, well, handmade!)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What I Learned This Week

I have decided to start something new. I have had a pretty eventful week this week and I have learned a few lessons along the way. So I said to my self:

"Hey Self, why don't you share what you have learned? Put it on the blog and have others share what they have learned as well. Maybe you will get a good laugh, and even learn from each other!"

Yes I talk to myself like that often! So here is why I have came up with this idea. It has come to my attention that there has been quite a few people reading the blog now-a-days and do you know how many of you are leaving me a message?


So I want to get to know you guys, I'm spilling out life stories here for goodness sakes! :) And for the record BRANDI yes I expect you to play along! I think it is in the best friends handbook or something!

So here is how you play:
I am going to try once a week to tell you a few things that I learn that week
If you read my blog then I would love to hear what you have learned that week
It can be a story, a picture, a saying, anything at all!
Post it in the comment section (you do not have to have an account to do this)
Read, Laugh, Learn!
If I can get enough people to play along there will be give aways! (nothing big but something!)

So those are the rules. I will start:
What I learned this week:
1. I learned that dish soap does NOT work in a dishwasher

2. That a 2YO can have a stomach bug for 5 days without the MD being concerned

3. That no matter how bad you wish the dishes in the sink will NOT wash themselves

4. That when you are dealing with diarrhea Huggies diapers do not hold that much

5. That ARF means Acute Respiratory Failure and it is a medical emergency (school)

6. That when I graduate in July I am not going to be able to work where I planned to work so I
have to re-think what I want to do with my future

7. To a 1YO it is VERY funny to look at him through a cloths rack in the store

8. Baby Wipes will get ANYTHING off your cloths, skin, car, well anything (OK so I cheated I
learned that about 7 years ago with my first God-Child but I forgot it until this week so I thought
it counted)

9. That it is pointless to eat "healthy" veggies with a Cheeseburger (wink wink)

10. That M&Ms are not pretty when they are coming back up!

OK so that is all that I can think about for now. Please play along I think this could be fun! Tell me what you have learned this week.
Hope to talk to you all soon!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Going On Vacation!

For Christmas this year Keith and Zachary got me a weekend at my favorite cabins in Gatlinburg. They are called Oakhaven Resort and they are BEAUTIFUL! I always have so much fun when we go, and to tell you the truth I need the vacation. You can click here to look at the cabin that we are going to stay in.

Its just the day before leaving that stresses me out. Just because 1) I hate to wait on ANYTHING so it seems like the day before we go is the longest day in history! 2) Packing gives me anxiety.

You may think that second thing is silly but like always there is a story that goes with that. :) When I was in the 8th grade my Grandmother(my Moms Mother) passed away, so for a few years after her passing my Moms family would go on vacation together around the anniversary of her passing. I think it was a way to just get away and try to make good memories that out stood over the bad one. Anyways, we went to Gatlinburg most of the time. Well there was this one year that we were going (I think that I was in the 10th grade by this time) that is the reason for my packing anxiety.

I had spent the night before putting great effort into choosing the outfits that I was going to wear for the weekend. As any lady will tell you at 15 years old outfits are of great importance! I picked them out put them in my overnight bag ever so carefully so that they wouldn't wrinkle in the bag and then laid my bag with the other bags and went to bed.

So the next morning we left for Gatlinburg. I slept most of the way because cars make me sleepy. It is only about a two hour drive so when we got there we went to check in and unload the luggage. Everyone's bag was there except mine!!

I had forgot it at home!! This was terrible!


I mean not even a clean pair of panties!

My wonderful Mother thought this would be a good time to teach me a lesson on responsibility and would not buy me a new outfit to wear while we were there. She did, however, get me some clean panties to wear! This might of been OK if I had not wore my PJ's for the ride. So instead of wearing the cute outfits that I had taken so much time to correlate, I was stuck for the weekend wearing my PJ's all over Gatlinburg!

So that is why packing gives me anxiety! And now not only to I have to pack for me, I also have to make sure that Zach has everything that he needs, and also that I BRING it with us! I have started to pack, but I think I have went back 4 times already to look over it again and I have set it where I won't forget to take the bags with us.

As you can see I have placed them in front of the car seat right at the door so that I don't forget them. I have done this on every vacation I have ever went on since that one. Not that I think I would EVER do that again, but the trauma of that weekend has gave me packing anxiety!
And you can see that Zach is really stressed out about this as well!:)

So please remember to pray for me tomorrow to make sure that all goes well with our vacation. Also that I remember to take the bags! LOL

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Mommy's Day With Nanny

Yesterday I got to do something with my Mom that I have not got to do in months. We got to spend the day together!!! Because of school and work we have not got to do this in the longest time but we did yesterday and it was a blast with some really funny moments in it that I thought I would share.

**Disclamer-Some things that me and my mom find funny we seem to be the only ones that think are funny.*** :)

Well the day started with me driving. She usually drives so I thought that I would treat her this time...LOL....poor woman I scared her to death(on purpose I had it under control the entire time, and in my defense if you knew my mom you would know that it is not hard to scare her) I would tap the gas every once in a while and make her head bob it was so funny; Zach thought so too!

So we decided to go eat at Cheddars. Our poor waiter was so......well we wont go there but lets just say that he was not the brightest person I have ever met! Seriously he brought Zach an adult cup WITHOUT a lid and seemed confused when we tried to explain to him why we needed a lid. I wanted so bad to say OK mister if you don't have the time to go change the cup then have fun MOPPIN! But he did and all was great. Here are some pics.

So then we decided to go to the mall. While we were there I decided to let Zach jump on the trampolines that are in the mall that harness you so that you go a lot higher than you would on a normal trampoline. He was terrified at first. He did not like being harnessed in . They have this rule that the parents are not allowed to stay in there with the child after the ride starts. I decided that I would stay until they made me leave, and see how it goes. Well they never told me to leave so I was able to stay with him the entire time and come to find out He LOVED it!!

As we were leaving that mall I decided to get OUR eyebrows waxed! (He He) I went first and all was well. So you see my Mom does not do this kinda thing for herself ever. She is 50 years old and until yesterday has never had her eyebrows professionaly done! Actually the only other time that she has had them done involved Wal-Mart wax, clear plastic strips, me wrapping my legs around her to hold her down, and LOTS of screaming! LOL we this time was not all that diffrent! :) But they are done and they look wonderful!

So that is the hilights of my long overdue date with Mama. I had a blast hanging out with her, jusk like I always do. So without further Mama.

Mama, had a wonderful day with you and I LOVE you so much! Hope the reddness in your eyes is better and your coat smells better! Love You, Tae-Tae