Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What I Learned This Week Wednesday #2

It's that time of week again! Its time for us all to share what we have learned this week! Now that I am paying attention to the little lessons that are hidden in everyday life I can see that there are a lot of lessons in life! So here we go:

What I learned this week is:

1. I learned that I am going to have my first niece!!! My sister is going to be having a baby girl in July/August! I have also learned an answer to a hard question to answer. "Is this her first baby?" I have been asked a lot, and the truth is no its not her first baby. She had one miscarriage and one little boy (Ty James) that we did not get to keep here on earth. I know that this should not be a hard question, but I don't really feel like it is my place to tell strangers her story, but I also feel that if I don't tell it then I am not honoring Ty. But I have found the perfect answer to that. "Yes it is her first child--on this side of eternity". That is quick and to the point, and it honors Ty as well.

2. I learned of this website called you can access it by clicking here. What they do is SOLID GOLD! You can go here and put in your sizes, what you like, and what stores you like and they will e-mail you every Tuesday and Friday with what is on sale that fits your criteria! The best part is its FREE! So how great is it to have sale items e-mailed to you in your size for free! I love it and strongly recommend it. They also do children's sizes!

3. I learned that true friendship will stand the test of mileage! My best friend Brandi had to move away, and has not got a phone yet but that has not stopped us from keeping in touch. Me and this girl have been through a lot and our friendship has stood the test of time. We are as close now as we were 15 years ago. (Sorry Brandi I just told our age) and thanks to Yahoo Messenger we always will be! I will have to tell you all how we met, but that is a whole other post all by itself!

4. I learned that stupid decisions, although in the name of fashion, are still stupid decisions! On Valentines Day Keith took me out to eat at "our" restaurant. From where we park to where we eat is about a 1/2 mile walk. On a normal day this is the best part of the experience! What could be better that walking down the street, window shopping, on the arm of the love of your life? Well on this day I wore stilettos! Yes stupid decision! My feet hurt so badly I was tempted to ask Keith to carry me the rest of the way! But since I didn't want to ruin my perfect evening by being laughed at I toughed it out. I woke up the next morning with quarter size blisters on the bottom of my feet! Lesson Learned.

5. I learned that a shrilling 2 year old is one of the loudest things on earth! I seriously think that it may be louder than a bomb going off!

6. I learned how to schedule your day in a day planner. Also that studies show if you will write down even the most mundane of things (i.e. wash dishes, fold laundry) that it is 75% more likely to be accomplished. I have tried this for 3 days and so far it really works well. I will let you know on this.

7. I learned that I know absolutely nothing about the Respiratory System and I am 100% OK with that!

So that is all that I have for this week, don't forget to post what you learned this week! Talk to you soon.


NanaKim said...

Ok so here is some of the things I have learned this week:
1) God is greater everyday of my life, He has blessed me so, so much.
2) I learned that just finding out that my oldest grandson may be going to a child care center where I don't know the person that may be hugging my little man, may kiss his boo-boos, feed him his meals, wrestle him for naptime, make sure his boo-boo is visible at all times, look for his "omp" when he misplaces it, will correct him when he is bad, will encourage him to play with the others fairly, will be patient with him when he is trying to make his point known, etc: my heart breaks, I wish I could stay home with my babies all the time, but I like everyone else has to work and am thankfull for the job.
3) Learned that my younger grandson can stand his own ground and is the funniest little boy around. So busy with his time, looking through his eyes are fresh all again.
4) Learned that my new little granddaughter is doing just fine and will be her in July.
5) Learned that we have raised 3 responsible and trusted young ladies that know how to take care of themselves and stand their ground. Strong women with a love for life and a love for God.
6) And I have learned when I found the last note my mother wrote before her death "no hopes, I don't know what to say" that it breaks my heart to think she though she had no hope, She had a hope of eternity. She said from her death bed "I don't mind leaving my children, I have raised them to take care of theirselves, but I don't want to leave my grandbabies". Mom I understand, and I love you and miss you more each day.
7) Learned: to live is to love. If we don't love we cannot live.

brandi said...

aww kim that was beautiful!!! i kno this is late but this comment box hates me... 1) I learned that my youngest is VERY stubborn and likes to win! Pray that we can channel that in a positive way.
2)I learned that a little time outside playing can mean so much, and so can a little snuggle time.
3) That no matter how long its been since you've seen a dear friend, the bond never changes.
4) 2 yr olds are such big people until they need Mommy.
5) If you keep the ones u love close and dear then there will be no regrets.
6) If you trust wholly in God then there truly are no worries!!!

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