Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Year New Look (And Some Ducks)

Hello All! How do you like my new look? I have had the old one for three years now and decided it was time for a change. Plus my subtitle was "Life With A Toddler" and now that my little big man is now four I didn't figure that would do anymore either.

So for now it is "Life As A Mommy" until I can think of something better. I am open to suggestions :) Creativity was never one of my strong points.

Well, I think that is all that I have for now. I will leave you with a video of me and my sister Stacee trying to feed some ducks at a local lake yesterday.

I will warn you there is some screaming (hers not mine)

I need to assure you that at no point and time in this little video was anyone in any danger. My sister has a tendency for over reacting.

Sorry that the quality was so bad, but it was taken from a camera phone, in my car, from my sister who is, well, over reacting.

Talk to you guys soon!