Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Writers Block!

So I have been over and over this in my mind trying to come up with something to write about and do you want to know what I have come up with?


I do not consider myself a writer by any stretch of the word, (actually I think that I kinda suck at it) but this has to be what writers block feels like! I have tried for days and days to think of some cute story, and little event that I could tell or SOMETHING, and then I decided that I was going to write a bunch of nothing!!

By this I mean no cute stories, or deep meaningful thoughts, just me. (If you want to know the truth I think this may be my way of not washing the dishes right now!)

I did,however, today borrow my moms daily Bible with little scriptures to read daily for a year. I think that I may read the bible something that I have never done. At one point in my life I could recite to you the books of the bible IN ORDER but not so much now. Actually I think the last time I tried I only new part of the New Testament and I only made it to Acts! So me and God have some catching up to do.

If you follow me on Twitter you also know that I have had to endure over the past two weeks 6 hour lectures at school! (One of them was on Cardiac Medications) You may think that this is bad....but let me tell you that is not half of it! There were 80 of us in one classroom sitting on top of each other. Now I know to the normal person that may be an inconvenience at most but remember friends, I am not normal! For a girl that can not sleep in her room with the door closed or for the girl that will crack her window in the car in 6 degree weather because she is afraid she will run out of fresh air and can't stand being closed upthis was cruel and unusual torture! This was a room with NO WINDOWS! I thought I may die! It was the worst experience in my life, and I really considered if being a nurse was worth it, but you will be glad to know that I lived!

Also we had the eval from the Developmental Therapist today and all that done was confirm what we already knew....that my child is OCD! LOL (Thanks Momma and Daddy) Other than that there is no problem (DUH).

So that is all that I have today. Sorry that it is so random and pointless! I will do better next time, but for the meantime we are all caught up!
With Love,

Friday, January 23, 2009

Look I'm Pretty!

Look at me I got a makeover! Let me tell you it was hard work, I have worked on this all day but I think that I am finally happy with it. I also got a button! (Boy I am moving right up in the "blog world"! )

You can take the code from my button and paste it onto your website so that people can just click on it and get sent right over to my site! Way Cool!---> Yes I just relapsed to the 80's and said way cool circa "Back to the Future"

So let me know what you think of the hard earned makeover, and help yourself to a button!

Talk to you later!

Sunday, January 11, 2009


In my mind I am a lot like June Cleaver. Just without the spotless house, the five star dinner for my husband when he gets home from work, all the while in high heels and a huge smile..

OK I am no June Cleaver at all but it is MY mind and I can be WHOEVER I want.

Actually my house is always living proof that there is a two year old living here, and we eat out more than I really care to share, but again MY mind :)

I have this friend that likes to take everyday events and make "teaching moments" out of them. She is a bit more of a "Supermom" than I am but I'm June Cleaver remember so I thought that I would try this.

Today while I was actually cooking supper Zach sat down at his little Thomas the Train table and started to eat pretzels. I sat down to eat with him, because in my mind I am also 105 pounds and do not have to worry that I am about to break the chair and fall on my tush!

As we were eating the pretzels I decided to make this a "teaching moment", and started to count the pretzels out to him, going "One..Two..Three" giving him three of them one at a time. His response was "Two..Two..Two.." while taking a handful of pretzels and throwing them at me.

"No Zach watch Mommy. One..Two..Three"

"Two..Two..Two." (I was again stoned with pretzels)

"No baby we don't throw them look One..Two..Three."


After a few fistfuls of pretzels he decided that he was done learning took the bag and ran down the hall chanting "Two..Two..Two.."!

I decided to go ahead and take my imaginary Mom of the year award down, and admit *gasp* defeat. I started cleaning up the pieces of pretzels that were remnants of our pretzel war. (When I say war I mean Mommy getting stoned to death with flying pretzels!)

Then all of a sudden here came my little rebel back down the hall without the bag of pretzels. He came to me and handed me THREE pretzels and said..


He got it!!! After all that he UNDERSTOOD the concept! I have never been so proud! I immediately hung my imaginary mom of the year award back up and called this one a victory!

Take that June! I am now going to clean up the rest of the pretzel bag that he dumped out into his bedroom floor just to bring me three!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Learning to Teach

At my Moms house she has a large round tub, that she puts the toys that Zach and my nephew play with. Zachary likes to turn this tub up side down and go toy surfing on the hundreds of toys that are on the ground.

So today after one of the worst 12 hour shifts that I have ever worked I headed to my Moms house to go pick up the baby. Not 10 minutes of being there Zachary decided not to let Mommy down and dumped the tub of toys out, toy surfed for a little while and then he was pretty much done with it.

I was OK with this until it was time to go home, and it was time to pick up the toys. I decided it was time for a teaching moment.

NOT the best idea!! (He was tired and grumpy, I was tired and grumpy)

I was trying to teach him how to pick the toys up by himself. I would hand him the toys (one-by one) and he would put then into the tub. He was doing pretty well with it until he found his favorite toy cars....that was attention for Mommy trying to make him clean up. Mommy is not one to "just let things go"

Do you remember the last post? WE are both STUBBORN!!

He was determine to play with his cars, I was determine that he was going to clean up the toys and learn a valuable life lesson, and pick up his toys from here on out, and all the other Moms would be so impressed, and I would never have to tell him to clean his room again, and life would be great!!! (OK so I know that this is a big expectation, but I belive that all Moms can dream. Right?)

OH! Me and My silly ideas!!

He was not paying me any attention, so I took the cars away and told him when he "helped mommy" then he could have the cars back. All that done was cause a huge meltdown, and make him want to do anything but pick up the toys. So started the war.

So the fight went on for a few minutes and he picked up a few more toys and I decided that it was time to throw in the towel and I let him have the cars back. I decided to call this one a tie.
(In case you do not know me all that well admitting defeat is not really in my nature, so a tie is as close that it is going to get)

So I was wondering if this was the right way to go about this? Any suggestions out there? How else are you supposed to get a child to understand that he has to pick up after himself?

Let me know what you think.

Friday, January 2, 2009

NapTime Wars!

There is a war at my house almost daily around 1:00pm. Tears are shed, there is screaming, and quite frankly it gets nasty....its NAP TIME!!!! (Enter JAWS music here!)

I have never in my life seen a little boy that hated nap time like mine does. Take today for instance, we fought for two hours before he went to sleep! Yes I fought with my two year old for two hours(wee bit stubborn!) He cried, screamed, kicked, and pitched a huge fit! Finally he went like he always does but my goodness you get so tired of fighting after a while.

So that brings me to think of myself. When I was growing up, I was a LITTLE BIT Stubborn! I know I know its hard to believe but it is true! (OK Brandi, you can quit laughing at me now I can hear you from here) Actually it was really bad!

I think that the people that caught the brunt of this stubbornness is my sisters, and my un-related sister Brandi. I can remember one time that I was going to Seattle to see Brandi and my youngest sister would not let me take a pair of pants that I wanted on the trip....

In her defense I have been known to forget or to lose things every once and a while......OK most of my life, I still do it!!!!

OK back to the pants... I pitched the biggest fit ever!! (I was 21 at the time so I don't even have childhood on my side!) I went into this big spill about how she would be sorry if the plane crashed and she never let me borrow them, and she would have to live with that for the rest of her life!!

I had no shame... I wanted the pants!!

This went on for the rest of that evening! Well the night before I was supposed to leave she came into my room tears in her huge beautiful eyes, pants in hand giving them over. (Insert knife into heart now) She explained that she didn't want to be selfish and that she wanted me to be able to wear the pants, and handed them over.....

I knew I had went to far!

We had a long talk, or well I should say at that point I graveled , and all was well, and yes I took the pants to Seattle.

So here is the beautiful part of the story

She still loves me!!!

Just like when I have fought my two year old for two hours to get him to take a nap

I still love him!!!

And it goes the same way with God!! Although we stray from him from time to time, (and if you were like me you have been to stubborn to admit that you have strayed until now).