Friday, January 2, 2009

NapTime Wars!

There is a war at my house almost daily around 1:00pm. Tears are shed, there is screaming, and quite frankly it gets nasty....its NAP TIME!!!! (Enter JAWS music here!)

I have never in my life seen a little boy that hated nap time like mine does. Take today for instance, we fought for two hours before he went to sleep! Yes I fought with my two year old for two hours(wee bit stubborn!) He cried, screamed, kicked, and pitched a huge fit! Finally he went like he always does but my goodness you get so tired of fighting after a while.

So that brings me to think of myself. When I was growing up, I was a LITTLE BIT Stubborn! I know I know its hard to believe but it is true! (OK Brandi, you can quit laughing at me now I can hear you from here) Actually it was really bad!

I think that the people that caught the brunt of this stubbornness is my sisters, and my un-related sister Brandi. I can remember one time that I was going to Seattle to see Brandi and my youngest sister would not let me take a pair of pants that I wanted on the trip....

In her defense I have been known to forget or to lose things every once and a while......OK most of my life, I still do it!!!!

OK back to the pants... I pitched the biggest fit ever!! (I was 21 at the time so I don't even have childhood on my side!) I went into this big spill about how she would be sorry if the plane crashed and she never let me borrow them, and she would have to live with that for the rest of her life!!

I had no shame... I wanted the pants!!

This went on for the rest of that evening! Well the night before I was supposed to leave she came into my room tears in her huge beautiful eyes, pants in hand giving them over. (Insert knife into heart now) She explained that she didn't want to be selfish and that she wanted me to be able to wear the pants, and handed them over.....

I knew I had went to far!

We had a long talk, or well I should say at that point I graveled , and all was well, and yes I took the pants to Seattle.

So here is the beautiful part of the story

She still loves me!!!

Just like when I have fought my two year old for two hours to get him to take a nap

I still love him!!!

And it goes the same way with God!! Although we stray from him from time to time, (and if you were like me you have been to stubborn to admit that you have strayed until now).



NanaKim said...

Stubborn you say!!! Well let me insert here that I have never had a more stubborn child and nap time as well as bed time with you was not so much a fight as a testing of wits, you would close your eyes if I checked on you, get out of your bed and come to mine and Daddy's at night, do anything to keep your sister awake (as you shared a room with her), anything as long as you did NOT go to sleep and let me think I had conquered you for a hour or two. But I still love you and would give my life for you and Zachary. You have never done anything except on your terms and time frame, but you were and are the most kind hearted and loving person one could love. You have such a understanding of others, never judgemental and always ready to give and help. Just stubborn to this day. But I would not have you any other way nor him, time will pass and you will one day be sitting at home after your children have left for the day and pray that you have done right by them for we as parents are responsible for training our children in the love and adoration of Jesus Christ. I love you Jennifer.

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