Sunday, January 11, 2009


In my mind I am a lot like June Cleaver. Just without the spotless house, the five star dinner for my husband when he gets home from work, all the while in high heels and a huge smile..

OK I am no June Cleaver at all but it is MY mind and I can be WHOEVER I want.

Actually my house is always living proof that there is a two year old living here, and we eat out more than I really care to share, but again MY mind :)

I have this friend that likes to take everyday events and make "teaching moments" out of them. She is a bit more of a "Supermom" than I am but I'm June Cleaver remember so I thought that I would try this.

Today while I was actually cooking supper Zach sat down at his little Thomas the Train table and started to eat pretzels. I sat down to eat with him, because in my mind I am also 105 pounds and do not have to worry that I am about to break the chair and fall on my tush!

As we were eating the pretzels I decided to make this a "teaching moment", and started to count the pretzels out to him, going "One..Two..Three" giving him three of them one at a time. His response was "Two..Two..Two.." while taking a handful of pretzels and throwing them at me.

"No Zach watch Mommy. One..Two..Three"

"Two..Two..Two." (I was again stoned with pretzels)

"No baby we don't throw them look One..Two..Three."


After a few fistfuls of pretzels he decided that he was done learning took the bag and ran down the hall chanting "Two..Two..Two.."!

I decided to go ahead and take my imaginary Mom of the year award down, and admit *gasp* defeat. I started cleaning up the pieces of pretzels that were remnants of our pretzel war. (When I say war I mean Mommy getting stoned to death with flying pretzels!)

Then all of a sudden here came my little rebel back down the hall without the bag of pretzels. He came to me and handed me THREE pretzels and said..


He got it!!! After all that he UNDERSTOOD the concept! I have never been so proud! I immediately hung my imaginary mom of the year award back up and called this one a victory!

Take that June! I am now going to clean up the rest of the pretzel bag that he dumped out into his bedroom floor just to bring me three!


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