Friday, February 27, 2009

What I Learned This Week #3

Its that time again. Finding lessons in everyday life. To tell you the truth I never knew so many lessons were there until I started this, and REALLY looked for them. I know it is not Wed. like I wanted it to be but it has been a busy week and I'm just getting around to it, I'll do better next week I hope.

What I learned this week:

1. I learned that When you really give your problems to the Lord, they seem to work out. (Imagine that!). As I said in my last post my family was going through something that I didn't really know how it was going to end up. I handed it to the Lord (For a control freak like me that was NOT easy) and everything turned out just fine. Crisis Avoided.

2. I learned that Zach is going to have to start daycare/preschool on Monday. (Again..control freak...not easy!) Please pray that this will be an easy transition for us. Many of you know that Zach is OCD and does not handle change very well...OK not at all....and this is a big step for him/us, we will need some prayers here people.

3. I learned that a child can be the sickest that you have ever seen him, 104.2 temp not even able to get off the couch, and then wake up the next morning like nothing was ever wrong in the first place! I am still baffled on that one!

4. I learned that I need to fire my housekeeper! I walked into the house yesterday and the floor was not swept, the carpet could stand to be vacuumed, and there were dishes in the sink! I mean really an ape could do better than this! I am going to have to let her go....Oh wait I'm the housekeeper, and my house always looks like that! :) Oh-Well guess I'll have to fire myself and hire a professional.

5. I learned that Coco Pebbles when allowed to dry on a plastic Thomas the Train Table are like little pieces of cement! You almost have to chisel those buggers off!

6. I learned that you can miss kids that aren't yours like crazy! I have 4 God-Children that moved away and I miss them like crazy! (Especially because 3 of them have birthdays coming up! I love you Lily, Andrew, Abby, and Michael!)

That is all that I have for this week. Tell me what you have learned this week!!


brandi said...

My turn!!!

1) I learned that a foam ball equals 30 mins of entertainment/exercise for a 1 yr old.

2) I also learned that u can catch bubbles on your tongue I know I know but i've seen it!!

3) a simple thing like straighting up a bit and getting things in order will calm the children down dramtically!

4) 7 yr olds often worry about things in the distant future that are much much bigger than they are.

5) i learned that #4 breaks my heart.

6) Its hurts more everytime u move away from home :(

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