Sunday, February 1, 2009

Mommy's Day With Nanny

Yesterday I got to do something with my Mom that I have not got to do in months. We got to spend the day together!!! Because of school and work we have not got to do this in the longest time but we did yesterday and it was a blast with some really funny moments in it that I thought I would share.

**Disclamer-Some things that me and my mom find funny we seem to be the only ones that think are funny.*** :)

Well the day started with me driving. She usually drives so I thought that I would treat her this time...LOL....poor woman I scared her to death(on purpose I had it under control the entire time, and in my defense if you knew my mom you would know that it is not hard to scare her) I would tap the gas every once in a while and make her head bob it was so funny; Zach thought so too!

So we decided to go eat at Cheddars. Our poor waiter was so......well we wont go there but lets just say that he was not the brightest person I have ever met! Seriously he brought Zach an adult cup WITHOUT a lid and seemed confused when we tried to explain to him why we needed a lid. I wanted so bad to say OK mister if you don't have the time to go change the cup then have fun MOPPIN! But he did and all was great. Here are some pics.

So then we decided to go to the mall. While we were there I decided to let Zach jump on the trampolines that are in the mall that harness you so that you go a lot higher than you would on a normal trampoline. He was terrified at first. He did not like being harnessed in . They have this rule that the parents are not allowed to stay in there with the child after the ride starts. I decided that I would stay until they made me leave, and see how it goes. Well they never told me to leave so I was able to stay with him the entire time and come to find out He LOVED it!!

As we were leaving that mall I decided to get OUR eyebrows waxed! (He He) I went first and all was well. So you see my Mom does not do this kinda thing for herself ever. She is 50 years old and until yesterday has never had her eyebrows professionaly done! Actually the only other time that she has had them done involved Wal-Mart wax, clear plastic strips, me wrapping my legs around her to hold her down, and LOTS of screaming! LOL we this time was not all that diffrent! :) But they are done and they look wonderful!

So that is the hilights of my long overdue date with Mama. I had a blast hanging out with her, jusk like I always do. So without further Mama.

Mama, had a wonderful day with you and I LOVE you so much! Hope the reddness in your eyes is better and your coat smells better! Love You, Tae-Tae


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