Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What I Learned This Week

I have decided to start something new. I have had a pretty eventful week this week and I have learned a few lessons along the way. So I said to my self:

"Hey Self, why don't you share what you have learned? Put it on the blog and have others share what they have learned as well. Maybe you will get a good laugh, and even learn from each other!"

Yes I talk to myself like that often! So here is why I have came up with this idea. It has come to my attention that there has been quite a few people reading the blog now-a-days and do you know how many of you are leaving me a message?


So I want to get to know you guys, I'm spilling out life stories here for goodness sakes! :) And for the record BRANDI yes I expect you to play along! I think it is in the best friends handbook or something!

So here is how you play:
I am going to try once a week to tell you a few things that I learn that week
If you read my blog then I would love to hear what you have learned that week
It can be a story, a picture, a saying, anything at all!
Post it in the comment section (you do not have to have an account to do this)
Read, Laugh, Learn!
If I can get enough people to play along there will be give aways! (nothing big but something!)

So those are the rules. I will start:
What I learned this week:
1. I learned that dish soap does NOT work in a dishwasher

2. That a 2YO can have a stomach bug for 5 days without the MD being concerned

3. That no matter how bad you wish the dishes in the sink will NOT wash themselves

4. That when you are dealing with diarrhea Huggies diapers do not hold that much

5. That ARF means Acute Respiratory Failure and it is a medical emergency (school)

6. That when I graduate in July I am not going to be able to work where I planned to work so I
have to re-think what I want to do with my future

7. To a 1YO it is VERY funny to look at him through a cloths rack in the store

8. Baby Wipes will get ANYTHING off your cloths, skin, car, well anything (OK so I cheated I
learned that about 7 years ago with my first God-Child but I forgot it until this week so I thought
it counted)

9. That it is pointless to eat "healthy" veggies with a Cheeseburger (wink wink)

10. That M&Ms are not pretty when they are coming back up!

OK so that is all that I can think about for now. Please play along I think this could be fun! Tell me what you have learned this week.
Hope to talk to you all soon!


Anonymous said...

Ok fine geez,(but have still yet to see this handbook u keep telling me about) Today i learned that dry erase markers are permenant on little clothes, its semi-permenant on skin, Andrew learned that if u bang sheetrock with a hammer just the right amount of times it turns to dust! Abby learned that it she rolls in the mud mommy turns bright red and speaks in some unheard tongue, Michael learned the same exact thing happens when he slaps mommy's coffee out of her hand in the middle of the grocery store. Lily learned that if she is getting what she wants its much better not to whine about it or she will receive something that she very much does not want. Also I learned that if u are sitting alone in your car (audio book or not)and bust out laughing people look at you strangely!!

Anonymous said...

oooo... i forgot one and its the best i think. Crayola Crayons do not break down in the digestive track of a 11 mo boy, they also come out just as bright as they went in!!!

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