Saturday, December 13, 2008

Its Been A Hard Week!

This week has not been one of the best weeks that I have ever had. My son Zachary had his 2 year check up on Wed. and the Dr. was concerned that he was not talking like he should be for his age.

Ok lets take a side step here and let me clarify something...he DOES talk, and he talks well and he uses his word correctly...he just does not put them into sentences.
The Dr. wanted to send him to a developmental center to get re-evaluated to make just to cover all of the bases. I thought this was OK the understanding was that we would schedule it for a month or two out so that if he starts talking better then we could cancel the appointment. (Let me take a break here just to say that I am not let me say this again...NOT one of those parents that freak out easily. Actually I think that I am pretty calm, so keep that in mind as I go on to finish the story.)

I was OK with this idea thinking that his Daddy and I would work a little harder with him and really push him to use his words and we wouldn't even need this silly appointment.

I already had that appointment canceled in my head, we WOULD NOT need it!

So on Friday on my mad dash to work, since I am supposed to wake up at 5:30 and I got a call at 7:30 wondering if I had plans to come into work today

(Dear Lord, Thank you for letting my job find humor in the fact that I am a complete air head....Amen.)

The Developmental Center in my area called and started asking me questions about his behavior and what a typical day was like for him, after I answers the Lady's questions she said that he needed to be seen sooner rather than later and she would call me back with the details.

I tried to ask her some questions but when you are going about 90 down the interstate, and worried about what you are going to say when you get to work about being late, and are you in trouble, and what do they think is going on with your baby a question is the last thing on your mind:)

I get to work the day is busy but not a bad day. I get another call from the developmental center that is associated to the hospital where I work that pretty much was the same set of questions, but this time the man was urging that I get Zach into see them this week and that we need to start working with him now because he is showing traits of Autism!!! I felt the man rip my heart out and step on it.

No mother wants to think that there is something wrong with her child. I know that My Lord knows what he is doing and if this is the path that he chooses for me I will travel it the best way that I know how. But I also belive that My Lord workd in mysterous ways and I know that he has control of what will happen at this screening and it is in his hands. What I am asking is for you to pray that this is not my path. I would love to go to this appointment and come out thinking that Ishould have followed my instinct and canceled that appointment.

Please Pray!


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