Friday, December 19, 2008

Push Me!

Last night I was trying to teach Zachary how to ride a tricycle that he got for his birthday. This did not got to well at all. I would set him on it and take his little legs, and move them for him and say push push with each turn of his legs.

Well he got mad at it after a while and got off of it and went to play with something else, so I went to go do something else too. In a few minutes I herd:

Mooooooooooommmmmmmmmy, PUSH!

I stopped to look and he was sitting on the trike and waiting on me to do it for him! Of course I thought that this was the cutest thing ever, so I went through the entire spill again trying to see some little shimmer of Independence and understanding in his eyes, but it never happened! I ended up pushing him around the house for the next 30 minutes and I called everyone that I thought would enjoy a quick laugh.

I wonder where he gets that little stubborn attitude from.....hmmm.

Fast Forward to 6:30 this morning during my commute to work, on time this time, and it hits me!

How many times have we done that with God? How many times have we turned to him and said "Do it for me"? Instead of "Show me the Way"?

I for one am very guilty of this! I will admit, because were all friends here, that I have actually bargained with God before. (He never seems to like my end of the bargain though)

I have said "God if you will do this for me, then I will......) but that is not how he works! He can set us on the trike and show us how to do it all day long, waiting for that little glimpse of understanding in our eyes, but he will not do it for us forever!!

Is it not funny what kind of life lessons that you can learn from a 2 year old?

As we grow up we learn to do things for ourselves, we learn to drive, date, get married, and raise our children so if we are so independent then why is it that we want God to do all the "Heavy lifting" for us?

We are still working on the trike thing, you know Rome wasn't built in a day they tell me! The good thing is I am willing to wait on him until just one day he seems to understand it, just like God is willing to wait on us to understand!


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