Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I just read a saying from the latest post of my favorite blog and it says:

There are only two ways to live your life
one is as though nothing is a miracle
the other is as though everything is a miracle

She ends the blog to say How do you live yours?


How do I live mine? Lets see, I get up and go to either work or school, grumbling all the way because I have had to leave my baby again, and because I have not had my normal infusion of caffeine for the day.

I get to either work or school, do what I need to do to get the day done, I go get the baby, try to figure out what is for supper, go home, fight the baby about bedtime, and then I crash, go to bed and start the circle all over again.

So now I ask you:

Where is God in this circle? That's simple NOWHERE!!

I have come to the revelation that there will be no miracles without God, so how are you supposed to live your life like everything is a miracle if you push God out so that he can't do his job?

I have become closer to God in the past few months a large part of that is because of the blog that I mentioned earlier.

If you have not already herd me rave about Angie Smith and her blog click here and read her story. This woman has 3 little girls and was pregnant with her fourth little girl when they found out that she had several problems that made her "incompatible with life" and she would not survive outside the womb. Angie and her husband decided to carry the baby to term anyways, and in her blog she talks about the journey, and her relationship with God. Her relationship was so strong through the entire ordeal, and her faith is something to be admired. It moved me because if this woman can maintain her faith after such an ordeal why can't I maintain mine?

From that point on I started a new relationship with God.

Is it perfect?


Am I where I need to be?


Do I know that I could do better in my service?


So that is what I am going to do. I am going to work on my relationship with God. I consider myself to be a good person, a good friend, a good mother, a good daughter, sister, now we will add a good christian to that list. Wish me luck!


NanaKim said...

Miracles?!? Just to sit and ponder on that opens up so many different areas of thought. But one thing is certain, life is full of miracles and every miracle is a direct result of God's grace. The question is why do we not reconize this? When things are going good we don't seem to talk to God as much or talk about our dependence on Him, but He does not ever lessen His grip on our lifes. But you let one little thing happen that we as mortal human's have no control of and to our knees we go with knee-mail to God. The amazing thing is He is the same today as He was yesterday and the same as He will be tomorrow, always working in our lifes, we just need to learn that with God all things are possible and with man all things are destructable and without meaning.
Yes God has given us a miracle in Zachary's good report but we have failed to remember the miracle happened on November 28, 2007 and December 28, 2008, how could we have ever questioned that what God had put together was less than perfect? Fear and failure of faith is my reason but I stand today to say I have a new stronger faith in God and plan to renew my faith in Him on a daily basis.
Thank you for loving my grandson so much and being such a wonderful mother. He is perfect in everyway and is the light of my world.
Love, Nana

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