Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Were Movin' On Up In The World!

I hate to grocery shop. Period. I hate it with every ounce of my being. I hate the extra money I spend on things to keep Zach quite while we are in there, the mean looks I get when those things have lost their luster and he gets noisy anyways. I hate that he gets mad the moment we walk in because I wont let him ride in the shopping cart with the car on it because there are other Moms with more than one child that need it more. I just hate the whole experience.

So a few weeks ago I had to do the dreaded. I had put it off to the point the only chances for dinner we were going to have that night was saltines with grape jelly, or pretzels with mustard if I didn't go. Anyhow, I got me and the baby ready and we went to the store. We done the usual fight over the car-cart (For the love of Pete! Does that confounded thing really have to be setting RIGHT in front of the confounded door every single confounded time I walk in this confounded place?) And then....all was well with the world as I know it!

When I walked in this bright beam of light (which I believe to be straight from heaven above) shown down and the angelic choir from heaven sang...sitting right in front of me was my oasis! STARBUCKS!!!! I done a fat happy dance right there in the front of Ingles!

This just makes everything better! Go ahead and charge me too much for my household items, let Zach scream until he is blue in the face, give me those evil looks that would burn a hole through steel! I have my Starbucks Double Shot and I don't care! All is right in the world!

I no longer hate to go get groceries, in fact I am already planning my trip back, because you know, we need groceries or whatever!

Canton is really moving up in the world.


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