Monday, July 13, 2009


Tomorrow is my best friend Brandi's birthday! I wont tell you how old she is today because I value our friendship:) We have been friends for 15 (yikes!) years and have been through a lot together so in celebration of her birthday I thought I would share some of our history together.

When I was in fourth grade my family moved across town which meant I had to go to a new school. Thankfully my friend "old friend" since kindergarten just happened to be moving to the same school. We were so excited to find out that we were going to be in the same class together, so we would at least know each other. Old friend and I started the new school together and it went really well. A little into the school year old friend started to make new friends, and I was not happy! I was so jealous. There was this one girl that kept getting into the picture. This little skinny blond girl. I decided immediately decided that I didn't like her (completely mature on my part, I know). This went on for weeks, and the more this little girl tried to be my friend the more certain I was that she was going to have to be destroyed. Then I got my chance.

One day at recess we were all outside playing basketball. Brandi went in for a lay-up, and I went in for the kill. As she was going to the basket I pushed as hard as I could blocked her and KER PLUNK!! She fell in a huge puddle of mud. She was covered from head to toe in wet, sticky, and might I add stinky, mud! The teacher made me go help her clean up and we haven't looked back since!

We were inseparable from that point on. Years passed and after dating every loser Pisgah High School had to offer we graduated. Brandi married in July, and had my first God Child Lily in October of 2001. I continued to date losers, just a higher class of losers.

Lily was really the first experience with a baby that I have ever had. I think we all learned together on that one. About a year later Brandi's husband joins the Army. He goes away to basic, and we spent the entire summer together. He finished basic and soon learns that they are going to be stationed at Ft. TACOMA, WA!!! I was crushed! I tried to play strong for a little while, then ended up at her house at midnight and we are both crying our eyes out! We just set at her house and cried together which if you know me at all you know what an event this is because I don't cry...ever!
They move across country, and tragedy happens. Our good friend Tyler who had been our friend since Middle School dies in March 2003 at the tender age of 20. I still miss him to this day.

After a few months in Washington Brandi learns that she is pregnant with my second God Child Andrew. They also learn that her husband will be leaving for Iraq soon. Her husband leaves to go to Iraq, Brandi is pregnant and alone, and I go to Washington to visit. Andrew is born in April 2004 and I continue to date losers.About a year later her husband comes home from Iraq and they move to Alabama to a fish farm. I met Keith and finally break my losing streak. They spent a few months in Alabama, and FINALLY decided to come home!

Soon after they come home Brandi learns she is pregnant with my third God child. Abby is born in April 2006 and I learn that I am pregnant with her first God child Zach is born in November 2006.

They move into a cute little house in Canton, and I move into the house I have now. A couple of years pass and Brandi learns she is pregnant with my fourth God Child. Michael is born in March 2008.

A few months later they have to move to Pennsylvania. I am crushed again.

So that is our history in a nutshell. Really it is the tip of a very large ice burg, of memories that I have with Brandi. We have been through Middle School, High School, Cosmetology School, births, deaths, sickness, miles, and much more together. There is no way to share all the memories we have together because A) there is to much to write about, B) some are better left UN told like when we wanted to be blood sisters but was to scared to prick our fingers so we spit in our hands and shook hands! Looking back at that now it makes me want to gag, and I wonder what in the hell we were thinking, but I wouldn't change a thing because its just one of those memories I have with her. She has been there for me every single time that I needed her the most, and I for her. You know I don't have a single childhood/middle school/high school/ adult memory that doesn't involve her in some way. I just hope that our "golden" years are the same way!


You are just as much of a sister to me as Stacee and Michele are. We have been through so much together, and we are just a strong today as we were the day I pushed you in the mud! I have loved every minute of this journey God has chosen for us to walk together, and I am so glad that he chose you to be in my life. I am so sorry that I can't be there to actually give you something for your birthday, but I hope you enjoyed this little trip down memory lane! I love you!


brandi said...

oh sweet Jesus thank you so much for my sister! What a wonderful journey it has been! This one brought tears lol! I love you! This is a great present thank you so much!

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