Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I Have Been Called Out!

Well it seems to me that my Mama is going to have to quit reading my blog if she is going to have to call out her own daughter in the comments!

Mama I mean really is nothing sacred anymore?

While I'm at it Mrs. Silver I want to call you out as well, you said that you have had some blond moments yourself and since I am doing what you asked, I want to hear some of your blond moments Missy!

If you read the comments on my last post you have seen that my Mother seen it necessary to share a certain trip from my past. A trip that to this day will give me an anxiety attack when it comes time to pack to go on vacation! So at the request of Micah, and because I am here to please I will share this story with y'all! (Well that and because I posted about it earlier this year so I don't have to type it all again)

So without further ado here is my vacation from hell vacation story!

Originally Posted Feb. 4, 2009

Going On Vacation!
For Christmas this year Keith and Zachary got me a weekend at my favorite cabins in Gatlinberg. They are called Oakhaven Resort and they are BEAUTIFUL! I always have so much fun when we go, and to tell you the truth I need the vacation. You can click here to look at the cabin that we are going to stay in.

Its just the day before leaving that stresses me out. Just because 1) I hate to wait on ANYTHING so it seems like the day before we go is the longest day in history! 2) Packing gives me anxiety.

You may think that second thing is silly but like always there is a story that goes with that. :)

When I was in the 8th grade my Grandmother(my Moms Mother) passed away, so for a few years after her passing my Moms family would go on vacation together around the anniversary of her passing. I think it was a way to just get away and try to make good memories that out stood over the bad one. Anyways, we went to Gatlinberg most of the time. Well there was this one year that we were going (I think that I was in the 10th grade by this time) that is the reason for my packing anxiety.

I had spent the night before putting great effort into choosing the outfits that I was going to wear for the weekend. As any lady will tell you at 15 years old outfits are of great importance! I picked them out put them in my overnight bag ever so carefully so that they wouldn't wrinkle in the bag and then laid my bag with the other bags and went to bed.

So the next morning we left for Gatlinberg. I slept most of the way because cars make me sleepy. It is only about a two hour drive so when we got there we went to check in and unload the luggage. Everyone's bag was there except mine!!

I had forgot it at home!! This was terrible!


I mean not even a clean pair of panties!

My wonderful Mother thought this would be a good time to teach me a lesson on responsibility and would not buy me a new outfit to wear while we were there.

She did, however, get me some clean panties to wear!

This might of been OK if I had not wore my PJ's for the ride. So instead of wearing the cute outfits that I had taken so much time to correlate, I was stuck for the weekend wearing my PJ's all over Gatlinberg!

So that is why packing gives me anxiety! And now not only do I have to pack for me, I also have to make sure that Zach has everything that he needs, and also that I BRING it with us!

I have started to pack, but I think I have went back 4 times already to look over it again and I have set it where I won't forget to take the bags with us. I have placed them in front of the car seat right at the door so that I don't forget them. I have done this on every vacation I have ever went on since that one. Not that I think I would EVER do that again, but the trauma of that weekend has gave me packing anxiety!
So please remember to pray for me tomorrow to make sure that all goes well with our vacation. Also that I remember to take the bags! LOL


So there it is the worst vacation of my life! And just so you know Mama I think my one of my post coming up soon will be the story of how your car ended up looking like this! :)


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