Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tacky Trahsy Tuesday

OK so I know that I only have 45 more minutes until this is actually Tacky Trashy Tuesday but I am nothing if not always cutting it close so here goes! To join in on the fun go on over to Micah's Blog and tell what you think is Tacky and/or Trashy!

Muffin Tops! My dear dear friends, if you have one of these (which I think I may be the queen leader of the muffin top) please, please, PLEASE do not wear ANY type of midriff bearing top! If the button or belt loops are not visible on your pants then your tummy more than likely needs to be covered up! I will even help you out! If you would like to know what type of clothes fit your shape the best please CLICK HERE! Its free, and fun!

I am very big on trying to give Zachary everything that he needs, and a lot of the things that he wants, but even I have my limits. Today I saw a 5 year old (well I am assuming, but nevertheless WAY to young to understand) with a Coach purse! You can ask anyone who knows me, they're not a lot of people out there that knows purses like I do! They are my passion, and sadly to say that I have a small love affair with expensive designer purses. Well a very expensive, very one sided love affair, that I may need to go to some type of anonymous group for... Anyways you can take my word when I tell you that the purse that said girl was carrying--and I use the term carrying loosely, because she was dragging it on the ground behind her, causing me to have palpitations, sweat profusely, and feel faint!--was worth around $400!!! What kind of parent will buy a child that type of purse/toy/ANYTHING? They are to young to understand what it is they have, to them it is just another toy that they will lose interest in and you are out $400!!

Well that is all that I have for this week! Remember to go on over to Micah's Blog and join in on the fun!


Holly said...

hey lady! it has been years! thus far, i have only read your tacky, trashy tuesday post, but it's fantastic! and ditto to both! :-)

Anonymous said...

Oooh, I see a LOT of muffin tops daily here. The only thing worse than a muffin top? Tank top muffin top with no bra.

Now there's something scary.

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