Friday, August 7, 2009

On The Road Again...

When I wrote that title I had that Willie Nelson song in my head, but then I thought of my last post and decided that it was kinda ironic. Since this post has nothing to do with my Dad, or his "accident", but then I decided I was wasting precious nap time(mine) on a title to a blog that very few even read and just told my self to shut up and type.

I get kinda hateful with myself sometimes.

Especially when I am the one wasting my own nap time!

So anyways, this morning I had to pick my best friend up at the airport in Charlotte which is about 2.5-3 hrs away. She has come to visit from Philadelphia for 10 days and I agreed to go get her. This meant one things my lovelies, ROAD TRIP!!!!

When we were in High School we were in some stupid club that don't matter now because it was, well, stupid. This club involved a lot of road trips, and we always had the best time on them. In all the road trips that we have ever taken together there was always a constant: 1) Toms Bacon Cheddar Fries 2) Mt. Dew 3) A Milky Way Midnight because that my friends is 3 of the major 4 food groups right there (the other one Brandi declared today was Bacon).

So this morning around 8 I set off. I and listening to the radio, and singing, really getting into the songs on the radio and not paying much attention to anyone else until I see people driving by and laughing at me. So I decided that unless they wanted to pay me for the freeway performance then I better keep it on the down low.

I get about an hour away from the airport and decided to take a quick break. I went into the gas station and was going to use the bathroom. When I got into the bathroom I noticed that the toilet paper was not in a roll, it was in a dispenser that released 1 square at a time! Now you tell me who (besides Sheryl Crow) can wipe well with one square of toilet paper? So I decided to boycott the bathroom and leave. When I was walking out there was this 174 year old man giving me the "googly eyes".

Oh yes Papaw I think you are quite sexy too! You just look plain dapper with your golf shorts with knee high socks, and Jesus sandals! Your just too much for me to handle! Grawllll!

I hopped in the car and left!

I finally make it to the airport, and I was still 30 minutes before her flight landed. So I wait (which I really hate to do) and I melt. I think there must have been 5238 people in that one room! Maybe more, I didn't count the women and children. I finally get to her, and we walk to the car.

But where you go out is not where you come in. I have no earthly idea where my car is! We search for a sweet forever and finally find it. We decided to get something to eat and find a McDonald's right out of the airport. We walked in and OH SWEET JESUS IT WAS HOT!!! I mean friends, I don't think they have turned the AC on since 1993! It may mean something that we were the only people under 70 in the entire place, and maybe they prefer it warm. I don't know, but there was no way to eat in a place that hot. So we go next door to Wendy's. That'll show 'em.

So were finally back on the road again, and after some stimulating conversation about Tic-Tacs up the nose, pressure washing the bathroom with a Water Pic, and GO GIRLS we make it home.

Seriously I may have to let Brandi tell you the Water Pic story, I laughed for 50 miles! And I will share the Tic Tac story soon.

So that is the cliff notes version of our road trip, I have to take her back on the 18th so I'm sure I will have something to share then.

Have A Great Weekend!


NanaKim said...

I think I will purchase me a Go Girls!!!! Didn't know they made such a handy item. Helps us girl pee in that coke bottle instead of the 5 gallon bucket!!!!! Thanks baby!

Micah said...


Lisa Anne said...

I always think of that song whenever I hear "on the road again." I mean who doesn't right?

Anonymous said...

Oh, I lost my car at the airport last night. At Hartsfield, in Atlanta, which is the BUSIEST airport in the world.

Luckily, it only took twenty minutes and I lost nine pounds from the sweating!

♥ Teresa ♥ said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I loved your story. It was really funny! I almost spit my drink all over my computer.

I hope you have fun while your friend is visiting. Hope to see you again soon.

Teresa <><

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