Thursday, August 13, 2009

Life According to Urban Dictionary

My friend Jennifer put me up to this. :P This is something that was started on Facebook, but she converted to the bloggy world so we can all share our answers with each other. This is hoe you play:
Go to Urban and type in your answers to each of these 10 questions into the search box. Then post the first definition it gives you, even if it doesn't match up!! This is TOO fun...
1) What is your name?
short for Jennifer. Cute and shy but outgoing when you really know her. A best friend anyone can ever have. Trustworthy. Sometimes self-conscious but sometimes vain. All around good person.
2) Your Age?
A lot of booze. 750ml of alcohol. Pronounced "two-six" NOT twenty-six (oh my!)
3)Your Best Friend(s)?
An amazingly awesome girl. She is a wonderful listener and always there for her friends. Knows how to party and have fun! Usually stunning to the eyes,, and always doing people's hair for them. Loves all of her friends, and they always have her back. The guys are lucky if they get to catch her. A true Brandi will not be afraid to admit that she sleeps with a stuffed bear still, because all the cool kids know they still do it. She won't take any bull from anyone! Any Brandi is an awesome kisser:) Also very smart. Usually on the short side, and good at track. Likes taking pictures, and to read the "Twilight" series! A true Brandi will love to sing. Especially Taylor Swift songs.
a fun, outgoing person. generally smart but can be a total blond at times. someone who likes meeting new people, and smiles a lot. a person who never would just turn on people. a very good friend. someone you can trust. when she's mad, stand clear she might blow her top. but a person who doesn't get mad easily so you don't have to worry about that
4) Your Profession
Certified nursing assistant, or someone who washes bedpans.
5)Favorite Color
1) One of the three primary colours of paint. When mixed with yellow, it would make orange. When mixed with blue, it would make purple. It is opposite green on the colour wheel.
6) Favorite Vacation Spot?
The Beach
Where everyone would like to live forever
7)What Month Were You Born?
People born in October are fun loving and energetic, and care very much (sometimes too much) what other people think about them. They love having friends and are outgoing in certain scenarios, but not in others. They may have trouble finding who they really are but once they click, their personality explodes. October is the best month to be born in :]
8) Name of someone you love
Zachary is a Hebrew name that means The Lord Remembers.
9)Where are you right now?
A word that means something different to each person who uses it. A person's home can be the place where they live, the place they grew up, or the place where the people they care about live. In the case of some people, home is a variable concept, changing dependant on the placement of another person or object, or a person may even consider his or her own body the only 'true' home.
10) Your nickname?
Well Jennie is my nickname, we already know what that means but my sisters call me "Sister" so we will go with that.
your sister is the girl that will always be there for you and may save you one day, whether you know it or not. your sister may or may not be related to you and could just be an amazing friend, but either way your sister is always slow to judge and quick to forgive. she will always love you, she might just hide it from you.
So to keep this going here are a few people that I am tagging in hopes they will try it too!
3) Lisa


Lisa Anne said...

Very cool. I'm excited, this will be my post for tomorrow. =)


Micah said...

Ok, so I did mine, but when i published, the only thing that published was who i tagged. hmph. so i will try again tomorrow, but i may have to go with the #2 answer, since all of my #1s were rather sexually charged and vulgar. i think that was God's way of saying "you are not going to publish that, young lady." so i figure i better play it safe next time haha.

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