Monday, August 10, 2009

I've Been Tagged!!

I have been tagged by Micah to name six things I love and that makes me happy. So here goes. The first one is an obvious choice because he is the love of my life! Its my baby, I mean look at him, how could you not love this Papaw's-shoe-wearing-little boy?

I have made it no big secret that I am a coffee lover!! Actually if I don't have it, you better not be anywhere around me because I am likely to be dangerous!

As I have stated in a past post I have a love affair with very expensive purses. It is a sickness really, and I have ALOT of them. Here is the sad thing, do you want to know which one of them I carry? NONE!!!! I keep my babies safely put up in a safe place only to come out on the special occasion. But out of all the purses that I have these three are my favorites. Just don't tell the other ones I don't want any hurt feelings!

Flip Flops! They are my favorites! I love to just be able to stick my feet in a shoe and go. I also love Old Navy's because they are cheep and you can get one of every color!

I like to pretend that I am a very intelligent girl that has her head on straight. I like to write deep thoughts, and even talk about my God in the hope of touching the life of someone else. But I have to admit that I like the celebrity trash magazines. If you never want to read my blog again I will understand. I love People because they are the most reliable and the thing I love the most about People is they have the style issue. Because I like to know all of the up coming trends that I will never get my fat butt into!

OK Jennifer this one is just for you! I have loved Rainbow Bright since I was a little girl! It used to be my favorite show, so you can imagine my joy when I met Jennifer, and found out that she loves it too! (She even has the scrub top to prove it, cause she is awesome!)

So there you have it! Those are the simple things that make me happy! Here are the ones that I am tagging!
(I think she already done it, but go check her out anyways cause she is funny, and great!)
4. Jennifer of coarse!
5. Multiple Personalities
6. Deb
OK ladies go tell me what you love and what makes you happy!


Multiple personalities.. said...

Cool! Thanks for the tag, now I have an idea for one of my next posts. :-)
Glad to see I'm not the only one who has a thing for expensive purses (I only have a couple) but doesn't like to use 'em for fear that they will be blemished. I totally understand you, SISTa!

Adry Viola said...

Ooooh puuuurrrrrssesss...I have a problem too only I can't afford to have any of them! Oh. and the celebrity trash mags? hee hee hee! I love it! My husband hates that I watch E! and programs like that because he says "who cares!" and then stands there and watches it with me. I just laugh. Then he notices and says, "WHY am I watching this junk?!" and walks away. But then everytime he passes the tv he looks at it, acknowledges what they are talking about and says, "AH! What am I doing?" I just laugh. Its addiciting. Anyway love this post! And thanks for tagging me. soooooo how does this tagging thingy work? I guess I need to do something now?

Lisa Anne said...

Thanks for tagging me. I just posted 5 things I love! It's great to see we share the same love of Flip FLops. LOl Old Navy ones at that. LOL

Jasmin said...

Hello from SITS and thank you for your blog comment! I love coffee as instant kind for me either (yuck!).

Have a great day! :)

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