Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tacky Trashy Tuesday (The First Ever!)

My friend Micah is starting her own blog carnival called Tacky Trashy Tuesday. I LOVE this idea, because lets face it, who don't want to rant and get away with it! Here is the disclaimer that I took from her blog so read it, read my trash talk, and join in! If and when you do hop over to Micah's blog leave her a comment telling her that you joined so that she can go read your also! I know she will love it! So here goes...

*Disclaimer... sort of*
What is Tacky Trashy Tuesday all about, you ask? Well, I'll tell you. It is my chance to let out all of my frustrations, talk about people (though I promise not to name names), and just generally bad mouth. ((Insert a big cheesy, devilish grin here.)) I have to say that I came up with the Tacky Trashy part because I am probably going to touch on that which I find tacky and trashy. But it will also be me being tacky and trashy, so in essence, I am speaking of my own kind, and ask to please not be judged for my comments, remarks, and snide snips. If you feel you have been offended in any way, I do not apologize, because, well, I warned you that I was not going to be nice on Tuesdays. You didn't have to read it, now did you? You read it because you thought you might laugh, or at least be entertained for a brief, if not fleeting, moment. Even if you see yourself in some of my wimble wimbles*, you know you cracked a smile. You know you did, so don't try and deny it. And so, the very first Tacky Trashy Tuesday commences.

I hate it when people (at work) who had the same job as you for the past ten years get a "promotion" and totally forget where they came from! You are no better than me! You need to remember your roots!

Do not tell me how to raise my child. Especially if you have never met me or my child! No one needs supermarket parenting advice. Do not act offended if I don't take your wacky advice because the last time that you had children was in 1965 and times have changed...just a tad!

I get aggravated with people who do not have proper blog etiquette! If someone visits your blog and leaves a comment, you should in return at least visit their blog. You never know you may make a new friend. I feel there is no reason unless you get 300 comments per post to recognize your readers! Its just good manners!

Attention Gentlemen! If you see a lady struggling with children please do not walk around them, so to go through the door first and not hold it open for the lady. All the while laughing and saying "Looks like you have a load there" HELP ME OPEN THE FREAKING DOOR! Do you know how rude that is?

Well that was my first attempt. How did I do? Don't forget to tell Micah if you participate, and please participate...that felt good!


Micah Silver said...

HAHAHA!It does feel good doesnt it? Love it!

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