Friday, May 15, 2009

Mommy's Meal Ticket Very Smart Boy

I like to pretend that I am someone that can figure things out. There is not much that trips me up, because if I don't know the answer I am pretty good at making it up :)

However, three things I have always has trouble with:

1. Spelling/Grammar- you may think of this as an odd thing for someone who enjoys to write like I do, but if you remember this post I am not a "go getter" and I never did my spelling homework until about 10 minutes before it was due so I still have trouble with spelling. When I was in Middle School I had a friend (who has her own, very witty, cute blog that you can check out by clicking here) who I passed letters with a lot and she always found my spelling abilities funny!

2. Math- I am so bad at this that I think I have a handicap! I'm serious! You would probably never talk to me again if I told you how bad at it I am!

3. Chopsticks-not on the piano the utensils you eat Asian food with. I know that sounds weird but I LOVE Chinese food, have ate it for years and have never figured those stupid, big splinters-waiting-to-happen things out! I swear God knew what he was doing when he put me in a country that uses the fork, because I would have starved to death at an early age! No wonder it is so hard to find and over-weight Asian---because they have to eat rice with those things!

So, I guess your wondering if this post has a point? Yes, indeed it does! Last Saturday my Mom and I went to eat at a new Chinese restaurant in town. (Just as a sidebar it was wonderful!) We were waiting on our food and Zach was getting fussy so I gave him some chopsticks to play with.
Then this happened!

Yes, you are looking at that right! My two year old picked up his first pair of chopsticks and started to use them like he has known how his entire life! He ate most of his meal with them!

I suspect he will be telling me how to spell things correctly, and helping me with my math homework next week!

And just as a bonus I love this picture of us, because it is a rare one where he is actually looking at the camera, and his Mama don't look like a pregnant shamoo stranded on the beach!


Micah Silver said...

HAHAHA! Yes, I do remember your spelling, but do YOU remember my handwriting!? Atrocious. Really. Since then I have made it a point to have the prettiest handwriting possible and I am very picky. I will write a to-do list (refer to one of my previous posts :P) over if my handwriting doesn't look nice enough. By the way I think that I may go on a chopstick diet, I would surely lose weight because I most definitely do not know how to use those silly things.

Anne Basso said...

What a cutie you've got there. I saw you on mom.wife.nurse's blog and thought I'd stop by and say hello. Nursing school is tough with a toddler. My son was 3 when I graduated. But it sure is a great career for a mom!


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