Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Prayer Request, News, And Alot of Links

Well this post really has no rhyme or reason to it. They're some news/prayer request that I wanted to share so it will all be jammed packed into one disorganized post. So for all of you that have to have things in order (Mama) you might want to look away now! :)

So we will start with the prayer request.

1. My sister Michele is pregnant with my first niece. After two pregnancies that have ended sadly this one is going great! Over the coarse of the last couple of weeks she has broken out in what we believe to be the PUPPS rash. This only affects 1% of pregnant women, and naturally it has hit her hard! She is very misreable, and it is about to drive her nuts! Please pray that she will find comfort for the next few weeks. I can't imagine. Also if any of you have had this or known someone who did and you know of something that offers relief please let me know so that I can forward it on to her.

2. Last Month some friends of mine Angie, and Pete, along with two other people that I don't really know, went to India on a Compassion Blogger's Trip. The stories that they shared were unreal! I laughed, I cried(alot) and I found Love in Christ that I never knew existed! You can read all their post from the trip by clicking on this picture!

As you may have herd in the news Calcutta has been hit by a Cyclone named Aila. This hit the area they were at, and a lot of the people they met, and a lot of them children, were killed/are now homeless. As you can imagine Angie, and Pete are having a hard time with this. Please pray that God offers healing, and hope to those hit by the disaster, and for Angie and Pete and the other two Bloggers that were with them on this life changing trip. (I just learned while I was writing this post that one of these Bloggers that was with them is Melissa, Beth Moore's daughter! What an honor!)

Now for some news.

If you remember a few post back Cross Point Church of Nashville where Pete is the Pastor did a series called "Backseat Jesus". It was a great series that really made you think. They are doing another one called "Q". It is about the questions about life and God. I love Pete and the messages he delivers and thought you may be as interested as I was in this message.
Here is the trailer, and just so you know you can go to the Cross Point Web page and watch any service that Pete does on your computer, so if you like the idea of a series and want to know more feel free to follow through the complete series.

Q Series Promo from Cross Point Church on Vimeo.

One last thing (I promise). I know that I ask you guys to pray for some pretty heavy stuff at times, and it has me to thinking that I would love to hear your prayer request as well! Wouldn't it be wonderful if we had a group of people praying for each other! Let me know what you think of this idea. If you want to leave a prayer request as a comment on this blog please feel free, and know that EVERY one of them will be prayed for! I do ask that you pray for the other prayer request as well. If you have a private one that you don't want everyone to see but you still need prayer please e-mail me at

Okay I think that is all that I have for now, sorry that it was so long and random! Hope you are all still with me! Please let me know what you think of the prayer request idea!


Micah Silver said...

I didnt have PUPPS, but luke's mom did when she was pregnant so i had talked with the dr. about it just in case. They said dandelion root or stinging nettles tea. I dont know about doing them together, but i would try the stinging nettles tea first, as it is really supposed to get rid of it. I am sure you could get either one at Earth Fare. (Also keep in mind I didnt actually see a dr. with my first two babies. I saw midwives and their approach is usually an all-natural one.) She should ask the doc too if it is ok to drink the tea, just in case, since she has had some complications in the past:) Hope she feels better! Oh, and Marlan (Luke's mom) said ice. She would hold in on the spots until they were numb. And benadryl, but I am sure she has already tried that.

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