Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pray For Stellan

If you have been reading my blog for any amount of time you have seen the button to one of my favorite blogs. Her name is MacMama (real name is Jennifer) and she needs our help!

First a little bit of history. She lives in the Midwest with what she calls her many small children. She has 4 children under the age of 6, There is the oldest Big Mac he is 5, McNugett he is 3, Small Fry she is 2, and McMuffan (Stellan) he is 4 months. She gave them these names to keep the privacy of her family and I think its adorable!

She gave out Stellan's name because when she was pregnant with him he was diagnosed with SVT (Supra ventricular Tachycardia) which a deadly fast heart rate to put it as simple as possible. She was told that he would not live outside the womb because of this heart rate! Being the woman of faith that she is, she prayed and trusted God, and found peace with whatever his plan for Stellan was.......And IT WAS A BIG ONE!

As soon as he was born Stellan was cured!!!!! He was in a normal heart rhythm, and was a perfectly healthy little baby boy. (Hmmmm see what can happen when we believe!) Can you imagine going into the delivery room expecting to lose your baby and he comes out cured! PRAISE THE LORD!!

So Stellan has had no other problems with his heart for the rest of his life! Until this week he developed a nasty cold. MacMama took him to the ER for nebulizer(a medication that helps to open the airway when patients have a hard time breathing)treatments and the medication threw Stellan back into SVT. He has been in the PICU for 4 days with a heart rate in the 250s-300s! It does not take a medical person to know that the heart can not last long with heart rates like that!

The doctors have tried everything, medications that are supposed to "reset" the heart, (which by the way are making Stellan feel very bad physically....which is a normal side affect) and some other maneuvers that are supposed to shock his heart back into normalicy...all to no avail! Now as of this morning he is having beats of V-Tach which is DEADLY rhythm where the heart is no longer beating, it pretty much is just quivering!

So I am asking you as my friends to please pray for this sweet baby boy! God has healed him once, please pray that he will see fit to do so again. MacMama has over 4 Million readers on her blog (which puts my meek 250 or so to shame) and can you imagine if that many people saw that God healed Stellan! What a miracle. Also please pray that Jennifer will find peace with whatever God's will is. You can access her blog by the button on my sidebar, or for those of you that subscribe to the e-mail you can CLICK HERE and see her blog that she updates regularly with info on Stellan's condition.

Please Pray Right Now!

With Love in Christ



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