Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I don't know if I really believe in Karma or not. What I do believe is that my God is a vengeful God, and I think that sometimes he may just have a sense of humor! Take this for example:

Yesterday I had an interesting day. I fought Zach for almost 2 hours trying to get him to take a nap (he never did)! So I decided that I was going to give it up and go to the grocery store. We got about 2 miles from the grocery store and he fell asleep!! I ended up carrying him through the grocery store while he slept on my shoulder. Just take note here that stuff like that NEVER happens with him; he always wakes up when you turn the car off, but not this time. He did, however, wake up the minute I put him back in the car seat!

Thank-You Baby, now that Mommy's back is broken!

OK, sorry this story does have a point I promise!

So I decided that since it was a rainy, nasty day I would go rent us some movies to watch that night. When I got to the movie store there was this woman.....well by woman I mean 5'11" 250+ pounds there on the phone. Just to make the picture clear she had tattoos of naked women all up her arm, a ring in her lip and she was seriously wearing leather pants!

I'm not kidding...I like to write, but I couldn't make this stuff up on a good writing day!

I don't know who she was talking to, or about but every other word was "F" this and "S" that and she is going to beat the "SNOT" (obviously I am putting better words in place of the words that she was using) out of someone.

Lets get something clear here, I was NOT ease dropping she was SCREAMING! Everybody in the store knew that someone had cheated on her best friend and she was going to beat someone up!

So, I hastened to pick up two movies and tried to get out of there before Little Bit suddenly started talking really well! (i.e. repeating her) I was standing in line waiting on my turn to pay and here comes she-man! She booted me out of the way and skipped ahead of me in line!

I tapped her on the back, told her how rude I thought she was and that she needed to watch her mouth in public. She promptly apologized and let me have my rightful place back in line!.......

In my head!!

I was not about to say a word to this crazy women! So I let her go ahead in an attempt to keep the peace, and the current arrangement of my face!

I finally paid and as we were leaving who was outside still screaming on the phone....that's right....she-man! As I was turning to go to the car I saw her start to leave to. I guess since she was in the middle of a heated conversation she wasn't paying attention to the length of the sidewalk, or maybe those leather pants were not made for the inconvenience of a sidewalk but either way....

She misjudged the length of the sidewalk, lost her footing, and fell off the sidewalk!!

I hurried to the car so that she wouldn't see me laughing!

Karma....or Gods sense of decide!


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