Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What Meaning I Have Experienced Through The Eyes Of My Girls

**Update The following post is from the most important person in my life...My Mama! She wanted to share some of her thoughts with you guys. I just forgot to tell her to introduce herself first:) So please allow me to introduce to you my Mama, the strongest person I know!**
Origional Post Follows:

As I look at this story and the "Bring on the Rain" I have to think just how blessed I have been in life. I had a loving family, a mother that taught me to Live, Love, and Laugh. Her laughter can still be heard in my head on a daily basis. Her lessons in life lead me everyday. Then I think about what a blessed marriage I have to a man that loves me just as I am, never questions my decisions, and supports me in every endeavor I go through. Then I think about my very own daughters and think about how when they were little it would be so much easier to stay home on Sundays and Wednesdays than to dress 3 little girls for church, but I chose not to. God would not let me. Then my "little girls" became "little-big teenagers" and my challenges were much different. You see they could dress themselves and even drive themselves to church. I fell by the way side in my attendance due to my girls not going with me as they once did but I never ceased praying for my girls and their relationship with God. Now as adults all 3 of my young ladies have their own relationship with their Savior and are teaching there children, my blessed 2 grand sons (Zachary and Avery) the way of the Word. And soon to be my grand daughter (Aubree). No one will ever know how my heart sings when I hear my own children say, "I love the Lord and look forward to going to church". To this I praise The LORD with everything in me. You see I encourage every mother and father to stay true to what you believe and even when you think your children will never use what you have taught them: the way of the Lord will never depart them and they will come back on their own. This is what I have learned and I praise God for my family past, present, and future, my home, my health, my education, my friends, my husband, everything my eyes see, my hands touch, and my heart feels.


Stacee said...

I love you mama.... Your continued commentment to my faith is what has made me the women that I am today!!! Thank you so much for all that you have done for me and my family. Now I have to go get a tissue:) Love you!!!!


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