Saturday, April 25, 2009


You may remember seeing this button on my sidebar at one point. Kayleigh is a preemie born in June of 2008 weighing 1pound, and was 10 inches long.
Kayleigh has been doing pretty good, she is still in the NICU almost a year later but she has been making progress! Kayleigh was on her way to go home! She was doing better and weighed enough to finally get to go home! All that she was waiting on was for her parents to have the proper training for all the medical equipment that she will need and she was set to go home next month! Last week Kayleigh had a stroke. She has no noticeable brain waves, and has been like this for days! Her parents are asking for prayers in this extremely difficult time, they are meeting with the doctor on Monday to talk about how "aggressive" they want to be with her care from this point on (I think this may be fancy talk for taking her off the tube in her neck that breaths for her). Its hard to believe that after a LONG, HARD fight that this is it, this baby has fought so hard! Please pray for her parents, for strength and wisdom!

I am going to leave you with a video that Kayleigh's dad made when she was first born. You will have to mute the blog music or they will play together :)
Talk to you soon!


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