Monday, December 5, 2011

Not Me! Monday!

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Brought to you by the genius of MckMama!

Last Monday was my little (not so little anymore) man's birthday! I most certainly did NOT let him think that Saturday was his birthday because I had to work on Monday. I would never change my child's birthday to fit my schedule.

We did not add three new fancy goldfish to our happy family over the summer. Their names are not Frankie, Mojo, and Baby. I did not name them (no really I didn't)

Mojo has not been acting funny since day one. He's a happy fish, he would never lay around on the bottom of the tank at all times. He would also never start refusing to eat.

I did not become worries about a lifeless fish and consult the experts at PetSmart. I mean its a fish, who cares what it does right? I most certainly do not.

I did not learn that goldfish need a big tank cause they are nasty little fish and excrete a lot of ammonia. (Seriously, who knew one little fish could be so much trouble?) I also would never ever call Keith at work with a "Save Mojo" mission.

We would never go drop $300 on a 55 gallon fish tank, because some teenager at PetSmart told us that's what we needed. I mean we are grown adults, we don't need the advice of a teenager who probably knows as much about fish as I do. I would never spend my hard earned money on the word of a kid.

After all the time and trouble spent on poor Mojo, he most certainly wouldn't decided to be floating upside down in the expensive 55 gallon tank we bought so that he would feel better! I mean he must know all the effort that was put into making him happy and healthy, and wouldn't give up now. NO he's a good fish, he wouldn't do that.

Mojo also didn't get ceramic ceremony this morning!

I also didn't get emotional! Nope not me!


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