Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Itsy Bisty Spider

My friend Lona wrote this post about finding a spider in her shower. It made me laugh so hard coffee shot out of my nose at an alarming rate.

Lona, my medical bill for the third degree burns to my nose holes is in the mail :)

Anyways, I commented this little story to her post, but then decided to share it here.

I know! Don't the three of you that actually read this feel so lucky?

The other day we were at my Mom's house and Zach and my niece were playing outside. My sister and I was looking at a magazine while the kids played quietly. When all of a sudden Zach lets out this terrible scream one of those "something is freaking wrong" screams and starts shaking all over.

I thought he had set down in a yellow jackets nest because I had been battling one for the past 10 minutes.

Seriously, that sucker has a warrant out on me! He chased me all over the yard, and even between cars! So I was certain he has went for my offspring instead.

I go running to see what is wrong.

I jerk Zack up and start looking him over for injuries.

And then I find the culprit.

This guy...

He had a Grand Daddy Long legs crawling up his leg and he was terrified!

Now, I myself don't really have a "fear" per se of spiders. I don't necessarily care for them but its not really a fear.

My fear is of the creatures with no legs. Blah... lets not even talk about those now...shew!

So, I save the day once again like the awesome Mommy that I am.

Then I promptly went around the corner of the house where my traumatized baby couldn't see me and laughed my ass off.

I know, I'm great!


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