Thursday, September 3, 2009

Oh Man! Oh Man!

I have been reading The Blackberry Diaries:Adventures In Modern Motherhood By Kathy Buckworth over the past few days.
I have not gotten to read it as much as I wanted to the last couple of days because Zachary has been sick with the croup, and I have been tied up. But what I have read of the book I can summarize in 3 words: HILARIOUS!
From what I can tell the book is actually blog post that she has written in the past. There is one post/chapter in there that I wanted to share some of with you guys to give you a feel of the book.
In this chapter she talks about how the men in a relationship have it so much easier than the women in the relationship. This is the list she gives in the book.

Why It Is Really Better To Be A Man Than A Woman (By Kathy Buckworth)

  1. No one expects men to wear thong underware.
  2. Men only have to shave their faces (or their backs)
  3. No PMS, monthly periods, hot flashes, leaking breast, PAP smears, etc. Maybe a little bit of Joke Itch. Please. Amateur Stuff.
  4. Men literally have nothing on their mind but a naked lady. How freeing is that?
  5. Men don't care if they find a single Tupperware lid at the house.
  6. Gray Hair. When women get one they look 10 years older, when men get them they look more sophisticated.
  7. When men are loosing their hair they can just shave their heads. Unless auditioning for the Coneheads this is not much of an option for women.
  8. Men can use the phrase "I'm sorry I just wasn't thinking" and people believe them because its true.
  9. Bikini Waxing. Enough said.
  10. Men don't really care if the sheets get changed.

So that was just a few from the list. Really the book is too funny, and sadly pretty true. I was thinking of doing a giveaway with the book, I just don't know how I want to go about it just yet. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm open.

Talk to y'all later!


Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

Sounds like a funny book! I'll definitely have to check it out...

Stopping by from SITS to say hello. I've been blogging for about a year and a half and have only done one giveaway. Although, it was very successful and brought alot of traffic my way and lots of new followers. I personally like giveaways that aren't too complicated. I kept mine to a week and I promoted it in as many blog links that I could during that time.

Good luck, they are fun!

Lisa Anne said...

I might just have found my new book to read. I'm trying to start a book club, got 3 people so far I might suggest this as one for us to read!

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