Friday, September 11, 2009

Let Him Eat Cake!

Last night Zachary and I made some cupcakes together. While I was expecting disaster, and the use of a pressure washer as consequences for my actions, I was presently surprised at the outcome.

Here is a short video of Zachary helping me make the batter.

***You will have to overlook the sound of my voice on here. I have had the croup for the past few days (that's right my baby knows how to share!) and I noticed only after making the video that I sound like Donald Duck, with a heavy southern draw***

He attempted to help me pour the batter into the pan, considering he is only two I would call that a job well done. Out of 12 cupcakes I was prepared for 12 of them to overflow the paper. Imagine my surprise when they came out looking like this! I only had one unruly cupcake! Thanks to my high photography skills you can see that I forgot to wipe up the spilled batter before I stuck the pan in the oven! Oh well did I mention that I only had one unruly cupcake?

Then it was time for the icing!! This was his favorite part. I only let him do one and thank goodness...

...because this was the one that I let him put the icing on! I think he got a little excited with the knife!

Time to add the sprinkles! Again thanks to my professional photography you will have to ignore Keith's foot in the side there!

His sprinkled plate! Not to bad for our first batch of cupcakes together.

The finished product. So their not perfect, and a little messy, but we had fun doing it together and that's all that matters.
Well, that and the fact that they are YUMMY!


Lisa Anne said...

Super cute. they look yummy. I love the video you posted. I just got a video camera and made my first video with music and credits. lol it's dark cause the lighting in the room wasn't good but I did it!! lol come check it out.

Theta Mom said...

How awesome was that? He looked like he had a great time! Just found you from SITS and I love meeting new mommy bloggers! Look forward to coming back! :)

♥ Teresa ♥ said...

How sweet! I bet he had a blast and will always remember cooking with his Mama! My little nephew turned 3 this week and this made me think of him. They are ALL boy but they still enjoy helping mom.

I'm stopping by from SITS to share some comment love! I hope you're having a wonderful weekend!



Teresa <><

Little Miss Baker said...

how cute! they look great and as long as you had fun that is all that matter :) thanks for stopping by Pink Sugar today!! xo

Judy Harper said...

Aren't toddlers fun! My daughter turned 40 this past Monday, the 7th, but I can still remember the things we did when she was a baby, a toddler and then a teenager. The good as well as the bad! (haha) Thanks for stopping by my blog. SITS has opened up so many new and interesting blogs for me. HAPPY SATURDAY SITS SHAREFEST! Judy

Samantha said...

How cute!! Looks like he had a fun time with those cupcakes! I remember when I was little my mom used to let me bake and cook with her - I loved it.

Thanks for stopping by my blog today :)

Micah said...

wow, he did do pretty well! i attempted that with the big kids one day, and it didnt go so well. they just want to eat raw egg batter the entire time, then they fight... it's just not a good situation for us.

Raising Z said...

Those are perfect :) Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!! You were two in front of me but I decided to stop by and say "hello". Your Zachary is adorable!

Bethany said...

I'm sure he loved helping!! They came out looking delicious!! :)

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