Friday, February 12, 2010


It has come to my attention that there is a lot of hate going on around the blogging communities. This makes me so sad on so many levels.

When did it come to the point that women were finding joy in tearing others down? When did it become OK to say things that would rip a Mothers heart out, just for the point of saying it? Why do we feel free to say things on the computer that we would never say to someone in person?

It is not OK!

Here is the great thing about blogging....It is not a required read. If you do not like the author, her beliefs, her parenting strategies, or even her hair then DON"T READ IT!! No one is making you read it, you will not be tested on it later. Just leave them alone! Go about your way peacefully and move on to something you like.

One more thing before I go...

When you use a Mothers greatest loss (her child) as a weapon to say mean things you have went to far! When you use a Mothers children, or her abilities as a parent to criticize her, and tell her that she is a bad Mother, you have crossed a line.

Quite frankly, if you read this blog and you are one of the ones that have done this...listen to me carefully here....

Please do not come back! I'm not very sure that is the type of person I want hanging around here.

Now, I am not saying that you have to agree with everything ever written, a lot is learned when people have different views, what I am saying is you do not use a Mother's Children to hurt her.

That's All.

Thanks for listening! Ummm.....Reading :)


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